Am I a klepto???

In the process of moving and organizing, I have decided to group things.  In our old houses when we looked for batteries there were AA in the desk drawer, D in the kitchen cabinet, AAA on the shelf in the pantry...... I had to look all over for a battery.  Now, thanks to the modern invention of Tupperware storage containers, all my batteries are in one spot.  Need a 9 volt?  Look in the plastic storage container in the pantry.  Mouse dead?  Storage container in the pantry.  Flashlight get the idea.
I sorted my screwdrivers:  Phillips head in one storage container, regular ones in another.  I put my wrenches in storage containers, regular and metric.
I think I have purchased 21 storage containers.  They are all over the place.  Now I find them with:  extension cords; computer cords; stuff from the desk; stuff I don't know where to put; things from my father  (besides madness and terrible foot odor).   I need a way to organize the storage containers.
I guess the natural thought would be:  Get rid of the stuff you don't use or even have the foggiest idea what it is.  Like the wooden fish with a round hole in it.  Incense burner?  Candle holder?  Or the light meter for flash photography.  Antique?  Usable?
I also have some, hold on to this, Eucharistic candles from a 1926 Catholic convention.  Over 200,000 people heard mass at Soldier Field, a mass delivered by the Pope himself.  Of course, in those days the Popemobile was drawn by oxen.  Just kidding.  He did not need a Popemobile then.  He was much younger and the world was safer.
But I have two candles from that event.  Never used.
I also sorted pens.  Yes, pens.  You never have enough working pens.  Here's what I found in my various pen cups.
About 6 from VCCT, both new and old styles.  I like the new styles...much easier to grip.
One from The Hair Express, and I have to say this is the best pen in the world.  When Jackie gets her hair done again, we'll need another.
Astra Hotel in Vevey-Montreux Switzerland.  Guess who brought that one home?
One from K K Hamsher Funeral Home.  I wrote a check for my mother's funeral 2001!  It still works!!
One from Selden Fox LTD, State Street Mortgage Group,  First National Bank, Rochelle Insurance and Investment, Anderson Plumbing (although to be fair I feel I did pay plenty for that one!) Graber Financial Group, Rochelle Park District, Broome's Barber Shop, and Clinical Key....whatever that is.
And one from Lipscomb:Itts insurance that has  901 area code.  Seriously.  Where the hell is that?? Memphis...that's where.  I have never been to Memphis in my life!!!

Maybe I should sort through the pencils next.
I have a couple dozen of those in various spots around the house.
And I need some more storage containers.
It's a never ending battle.


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