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Am I a klepto???

In the process of moving and organizing, I have decided to group things.  In our old houses when we looked for batteries there were AA in the desk drawer, D in the kitchen cabinet, AAA on the shelf in the pantry...... I had to look all over for a battery.  Now, thanks to the modern invention of Tupperware storage containers, all my batteries are in one spot.  Need a 9 volt?  Look in the plastic storage container in the pantry.  Mouse dead?  Storage container in the pantry.  Flashlight get the idea.
I sorted my screwdrivers:  Phillips head in one storage container, regular ones in another.  I put my wrenches in storage containers, regular and metric.
I think I have purchased 21 storage containers.  They are all over the place.  Now I find them with:  extension cords; computer cords; stuff from the desk; stuff I don't know where to put; things from my father  (besides madness and terrible foot odor).   I need a way to organize the storage containers.
I guess the natural th…