For Auld Lang Syne, my dear

Only a few hours left of 2012.
Normally a time to reflect, give thanks, contemplate life's changes.
2013 needs to be a new year in many ways.
I was watching House Hunters international today and a couple were looking at a Paris apartment.  Their budget was 3 million.  That is 3,000,000.  Then ended up paying 4.3 million for an apartment hat had to be renovated.
So Resolution One:  Become a millionaire during 2013.  That means write more articles. finish a book or two, sub more, spend less on coffee and wine, win the lottery.  Of all of those, winning the lottery seems to be the most realistic.
Which leads me to Resolution Two:  Be realistic.  I vow to stop dreaming that Hollywood will discover my in a community theater show and make me the next Wilford Brimley.  That will never happen.  And I won't be discovered doing improv comedy with Exit 99 and we all go on Leno or Letterman.  That won't happen.  I know I can't lose 25 pounds.  That won't happen.
Hence, (I love that word!!),
Resolution Three:  I will become more active physically.  No more playing spider solitaire for three hours on end.  Or reading endless Facebook postings about people having fun with family and friends.  In 2013 I vow to begin a non vigorous workout regimen involving a combination of walking, biking, and other cardio activity.
Resolution Four:  I vow to get back into my dresses.  Yes, you read that right.  Dresses.  When we did Tuna Christmas (or Christmas Tuna, that reversal problem again) I could wear a size 16.  Now I can't quite button it and it can't get any bigger.  Didi and all the others have to be ready in July.
Resolution Five:  I am boxing up my fears and sticking them back into the closet.  I will no longer think that every time someone gets sick I will get sick.  Every headache is not a stroke or  brain tumor.  Every pain in my chest is not a major heart attack.  My kidneys are not developing stones the size of grapefruits.  I will not get black lung disease because I never really worked in a mine and going into the coal mine at the Museum of Science and Industry when  I was 9 and having a freak out reaction because I thought the walls were closing in and the tunnel collapsing does not, in fact, qualify me as a miner.
So, there you have it.  Five resolutions.  From time to time I will write you all about them and how I am doing.  But do me a favor:  Don't Abandon Me!!  I can't accomplish all those by myself.  It takes a village.
So, walk with me....ride with lotto tickets for me....send me cash contributions...tell Hollywood I would make a wonderful Wilford.
Geez, if this was tomorrow I'd have already broken Resolution Two.


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