1 down, 192 to go

Wow.  We have been in the house one month!  If I live here until I am 80. that's only 192 months until I move into a smaller unit.
I have discovered a lot in the one month.
First off, you never have enough electrical outlets.  We have added one extra outlet in the yellow room and made a two plugger a four plugger in the bedroom.  We have a lot to plug in!
Second thing I have learned... we have a lot of Christmas stuff.  I had help lugging over  plastic tubs of trimmings and I believe I counted 22.  Not to mention the odds and ends that don't fit into tubs, and we have a lot of those too!
In some cases we didn't have enough.  Roping, for instance.  Someone decided the front porch would look nice draped in garland.  But the stuff we bought in '08 is no longer made, so the fine folks in China produced another, similar, mock pine that we bought and put up.  Imagine my surprise when I found out the male and female plugs were ON THE SAME ENDS!!  Who the freak makes something that you can't link together?
When you think of it, Chinese made Christmas decorations have to be strange.  China doesn't seem to share a Christian ethic, and I can see hundreds of these godless people painting smiles and dimples on the little lord Jesus prior to packing him in plastic and sending him to us, where we pay exorbitant prices for items made by people earning less than a Starbucks a day in some dingy, dark, dangerous warehouse.  Wonder what they are thinking when they assemble the burping Santas, farting reindeer, singing wisemen and other holiday have to haves.  But I digress.
In some cases we had too many.  We had lots of door knob hangers.  We now have levers.
We usually have two trees.  This year we only have a live (that's a misnomer for sure) tree.  Emily and I cut it down at a local tree farm.  It was 12 feet tall, but we only cut the top 9 feet because that looked best.  Then I cut it down to 6 feet when we got home, because the ceilings are 8 footers and I did not want to green mark the ceiling the first year.
The tree has a double stem.  Did not notice that.  There's a big hole on the left side.  Did not notice that.
It's crooked.  Did not notice that either.
But with lights and ornaments, it looks great.
Third bit of knowledge:  dark wood floors show every bit of dust and every footprint.  We dust the floor at least twice a day, more often if she cooks.
Fourth bit:  You can't just hang a cuckoo clock.  It needs its own place.  Still looking.  I miss that hourly reminder that I am getting older fast.
Fifth:  You can't build a house and add as many extra things as I did and not have to take out a mortgage.  We are ok as long as Illinois keeps its pension payments coming.  Or at least next February.
Sixth:  Ikea stuff is a lot easier to assemble than stuff from Home Depot.  I swear, I am never buying a product from China again.
JCP, which is what JC Penney is calling itself these days, has a towel series called Home.  Some of them are made in the US!!  However, its America line is made in ...... well, not China but Pakistan or India.  Go figure.
I will be taking pictures of the final ... ok, semi final, product and share them in my next post.
If I can find the camera.


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