So...what is new?
How about the new, redesigned, much more appropriate columns?
Or the beams in the ceiling?
Carpeting?  Trim? The shower?
The shower.  Let me briefly describe the shower.  We picked out some tiles for the shower.  We looked at some accent tiles which would give a little character to the shower.  We ordered the tile.  The tile came.  Monday:  Terry T was putting up the tile when I asked, "Where are you putting the accent pieces?"  To which he replied, "What accent pieces?"
I called Jackie...did we pick out accent pieces?  Answer...we talked about them.  Called salesman Brian....did we pick out accent pieces?  Answer....you talked about them.  But you never ordered them.
So I ordered them.  Terry T said he needed them ASAP as he wanted to finish the shower.  Salesman Brian said I could pick them up in Wood Dale Tuesday afternoon.
So I drive to Wood Dale, which is near O'Hare, pick up the tile and say....crap, this isn't what I wanted.
Called Jackie.  She said it was.  Brought tile home.  Tile installed Wednesday.  Shower looks good.
Lesson:  Double check orders.  Double check deliveries.  Double check everything.
Wish we had done that with the posts!!
Still some trim to go, a little work on plumbing, closets, staining windows....but the majority of the work is done.  Floors get a final coat Friday, movers get our furniture Wednesday.
The journey is almost over.
Now for some pictures;

Going downstairs
the basement room for me ... out of money for carpet!!

new columns

dining room with chair rail

accent strip on shower wall

family room


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