I am taking the time to assess life.  And offering Thanksgivings.
I am thankful that we went with the wider single garage doors.  Unfortunately, they are not wide enough for some people.
I am thankful that Julia celebrates a birthday tomorrow in Switzerland.  Unfortunately, she will not be with us.
I am thankful banks give out mortgages.  Unfortunately, we need one.
I am thankful Emily has 4 great dogs.  Unfortunately, they poop a lot.
I am thankful our instant on hot water system is providing hot water.  Unfortunately, I had several luke warm showers.  Not a bad thing, mind you.
I am thankful paint scrapes on cars can be buffed out.  Unfortunately, we have to have that done.
I am thankful for udder cream.  Unfortunately, my hands are killing me they are so dry.
I am thankful for friends and families.  No unfortunately about that.
I am thankful for my good health.  Unfortunately, I have some misgivings about that stress test today.
I am thankful for whomever left the peppermint schnapps at my house following the cast party.  Unfortunately, I have some hot chocolate mix and the bottle is now almost empty.
I am thankful for recycling.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put it out, I guess, because my cans are overflowing.
I am thankful for all the former students who still talk to me.  Unfortunately I can't remember their names.  And there are only 3!
I am thankful for laws that allow thespians to marry.
I am thankful the lady at the drivers license office in Oregon asked me, without laughing,  if my weight had changed from the 175 listed on my license.  Unfortunately, it has.
I am thankful I can still function without a diaper.
I am thankful for Jackie.  Seriously, she puts up with a lot from me.
I am thankful for Emily.  She takes care of the old folks in oh so many ways.
I am thankful for Julia.  When she was born the nurse brought her out for me to see.  She was covered with slime and brown stuff with huge red marks on her head and the nurse said, "Isn't she beautiful?"  I thought "Oh god, what a mess! Could you hose her down or something?"  The nurse was right...she was/is beautiful.
She was born on Nov. 22....Thanksgiving.
I am thankful.


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