silence is golden

This may be the last post for a few days.
Wednesday morning, 7 a.m.....actually, I believe that was a Simon and Garfunkel album, but I digress.
Wednesday morning, 7 a.m...... the movers will be a knockin' at our door.  They will take our furniture and some boxes and head west toward Emily's.  There they will pick up the rest of the furniture and the snow blower and haul it all to our new house at 10105 Shagbark Ln.
I/We are not ready.
The closets are not done because I opted to do them.  We will be stacking towels and clothes on the floor.  Probably.  With luck, our master bedroom closet will be done and we can hang  some stuff.
We have a lot of clothes.  I have a lot of clothes.  I have t shirts to wear outside while working in the yard, t shirts to wear while painting, t-shirts to wear while sleeping and t-shirts to wear.  That's a lot of t-shirts.  And there are regular shirts, sweatshirts, the stuff that has to go that we won't have a place to put right away.  Of course, someone suggested I maybe don't need all of those shirts, but during the summer I can go through 2 or 3 shirts a day...more if I eat.
Putting up shades and curtains will be on the agenda for next week.  If people are that desperate to see old people in their underwear, well it'll serve them right to look!
It was like a three ring circus in the house today.  Appliance installers came; two of them in two trucks. Two two trucks.  Two two trucks.  Me.  Jackie in her car.  Three crew guys in three trucks.  Seriously, there were about 11 people working in the house at the same time!  I tried to hide in the closet to stay out of everybody's way, but it was impossible not to bump into someone.
And none of them were bothered.  The plumbers worked around the appliance guys, who worked around the trim guys who worked around the painters, who worked around the was really like watching a finely tuned clock only it was utterly chaotic.
For someone with a little ADD, like me, it was fascinating because I could see so many things happening at the same time!
They all shared everyone keeps track of their own gear is beyond my comprehension.
I/we left at about 12:30 and I did not go back at night so I will be interested to see all that was accomplished today.
Now for some pictures.

Mantle is taking shape

The newly redesigned columns fit much better

pump, iron filter, heater, water softener....


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