Locked doors, geckos and a near encouter with a Famous Person

I used to think I was a pretty smart person.  Then we moved.
The new house has doors that stay locked unless you flip a little lever.  I don't seem to remember this.  Locked myself out of the garage once, but the car was open so I used the garage door opener.  Locked myself out of the house a second time, but Jackie quickly answered the door.
So it was with frosted bated (baited?  never could figure that out) breath that I closed the front door just as she was getting in the shower.
I could not get back in.  Front door locked, car locked, garage door locked.  And me with no key (or clue).  I was in a shirt and it was cold.  Very cold.  I rang the bell.  No answer.  I knew she would be in the shower for at least 10 minutes, if not longer.  Then the hair dryer would go on and she still wouldn't hear me.
So I broke into my own house.
I knew a basement window was unlocked.  I walked around the house, pushed the window up, climbed down through the bottom half of the window and made my way upstairs.
I can't do that anymore, since one of the guys came out and adjusted the window so it locks.
Guess I'll have to go to Moore's and buy a fake rock to hide a spare key.
I did that at the Skare Court house.  I actually put a key in a pill bottle and buried it in the dirt in the breezeway.  When the day finally came when I was locked out, I dug all over and never found the damn thing.
Today at the zoo I took out Uno, a leopard gecko, for kids and guests to look at and gently pet.  I had the little fellow out for about 15 minutes.  Now I have taken geckos out before, but what Uno did was a first for me.
His little body suddenly tensed up.  His breathing accelerated and his tail began twitching up and down rapidly.  He looked like he was about ready to leap off of my hand.
Then he pooped.
Gecko poop is about three quarters of an inch long and the diameter of a large pipe cleaner.  It smells.  Really.  Old Uno let loose with a righteous one!  When I have guinea pigs out I always keep them on a towel for that very purpose.  But a gecko?
I washed my hands for 10 minutes, and used a hand sanitizer.  Can you say salmonella????
Seeing as I was near Oak Brook, I stopped to buy a new pair of shoes. Why?  Well, Cooper the great dane ate one of my everyday shoes, leaving me with one shoe and two feet.
I have been buying a brand named Ecco for the past six years.  They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
All of this has nothing to do with the story.  Just sayin'.
So I am walking through Oak Brook and pass a store called Pandora.  There is a huge line in front, with three security guards.  There must have been 100 people waiting to get into the store.  I kept walking and ran (literally...his star damn nearly poked out my eye) into another officer and asked him what time the sale started and it must be a good one to draw such a crowd.
Turns out it was a person in the store drawing the crowd.
One gold medal gymnast named Aly Raisman, who was signing autographs and posing for pictures with people because she is now the "face" of Pandora jewelry.
So I turned around and went back to the store, put my nose against the glass, and gawked.  (The French call it window licking.... not window shopping.  I may have been licking.)
She's a tiny thing, and very pretty.  And very young.
She smiled at me.  Or at the person standing in front of her, but I really think it was me.
So I went home with my new shoes, my gecko poop trauma, and my new almost met a famous person experience.
And the best part?
I wasn't locked out.


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