I still don't get it.

Whew!!  I am tired!!  I have spent part of the day putting away boxes of stuff.  I did find some interesting items:
I have a box of vacuum clean bags and belts.  Bags for Hoover, Eureka, maybe another one or two.  Trouble is, we have a bagless vacuum!!  Now I moved these bags from our house, to the townhouse, to the new house....three times!!  I still can't seem to just toss them!!
I saved the Nov. 5 1993 special section of the Chicago Tribune that profiled the Bulls without Michael Jordan.  Again, I have moved this three times!!
Can't find the rocks for Jackie's paperwhites.  I know they are here somewhere.
Moved two coffee pots..... don't drink coffee.  And there are two boxes of coffee filters.  Usually I offer people coffee when they are visiting.  But most people have had my coffee and prefer to just sip turpentine out of a glass bottle.  Just sayin', I don't do coffee very well.
Spent 14 days looking for the clips to hold the shelves up in our white IKEA cabinet that we put the Santas and nutcrackers in.  Discovered today the clips are still in the cabinet and I have been looking for something not missing.
Found a really nice Chicago Bulls shirt.... size Large...that I can't wear and don't ever remember buying.
And a Disney sweatshirt...size medium.  Thinking maybe Julia had that at one time.

Discovered I have 27 wooden pants hangers and 6 pairs of hanging pants.  Figure I can rotate the hangers and never wear them out.
I threw out a bunch of wooden clothes pins and went to the zoo, only to learn they are looking for wooden clothespins for a craft project.  I had about 200.  Saved them for at least 10 years and the day after I toss them someone needs them.  Go figure.
Learned that my Grandfather Kohler was a fireman on the Chicago Northwestern Railway and he used to tell my mother and her sisters about crossing the plains and seeing the herds of buffalo.  He met Sitting Bull also.  Never knew that when he was alive.
So, if you are looking for a free Bulls shirt, or Disney sweatshirt, or some vacuum bags.... let me know and you can have them.
As for the rest of the day?  Guess I'll just settle back and wait until my winning numbers are drawn in the huge Powerball game tonight.
Maybe have a glass of wine in celebration/to ease the pain.

The Bulls' shirt
Wonder who likes Mickey??


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