Home sweet home!

OK..to answer all the endless questions:
Yes, we are in our new house.
No, not everything is done.
Yes, the move went well.
Yes, opening night of the play was a success.
No, I am not disappointed by the election results.
 In no particular order:
I moved the last piece of crap at about 4:15 today, not that my bicycle is crap.  I have a problem.  It will not hurt the world to throw stuff out and it may improve the world if I/we stop buying more stuff.  I packed at least 11 candles.  Most of them have not been burned.  Emily is having a candle party.  Mom was invited.  Here is my version of the conversation.  Figure out who is talking.
Are you going to order any candles.
Candles, candles, we don't need any more stinkin candles.
I may order some.
We never burn the ones we have.
Why don't you burn your candles?
I'm afraid it'll start a fire.
And of course I packed at least 11 cakes or bars of scented soap.  Make any wisecracks you want, they are mine!  I have soap for a lifetime!!
As we were packing up the kitchen stuff she handed me a bundt type pan and said, "I never use this and don't want it, so throw it out."
My response:  I'll save it for a garage sale next spring.
It's a disease, I swear.  And my children seem to have inherited it.
After the final garage sale ever last fall, I vowed never to have another.  Here I go.
And no, not everything is done.  Some minor trimming, front porch stuff, a little staining of the downstairs windows....nothing major.
Part of being me is being cheap.  Not smart cheap, cheap cheap.  So when I looked at the allowance for shelving, I said, "Hey, my brother in law can help me do this for half that."  We worked on it for one day, ran out of materials, he went on vacation, we moved and bingo....still no closet shelving.
I did not consider that a problem until it came to putting food into the non existing pantry because the shelves are sitting in the garage waiting to be cut.  And the towels are in boxes because there are no shelves in the three (3!!!!) linen closets.  And the winter coats are laying on the floor because I have not cut the pole in the two weeks I have bought it for the hall closet.
If I hadn't been so cheap I'd be able to find a towel.
Finally, the play was a hoot.  We had an opening night crowd that was ready to laugh and we were ready to make them laugh.  If you live in the area, come see "A Dickens of a Christmas Carol."
You'll be happy it is a cheap night out and no shelves are required.


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