Ghost dogs, hums, and trickle down effects

OK, a little of weirdness.
On Friday night, after the show, the cast stopped up at Abraham's for a drink.
I only had one.  You must believe this, or nothing good can come of this story.
I was driving home about 12:30.  (a.m.)  On Flagg Road, just after the cemetery where the road curves, a giant white dog was standing in the westbound lane.
My headlights picked it up and I slowed down, moving into the eastbound lane to avoid hitting it.  The dog was taller than my Honda's front fender.  It had long, white flowing hair and eyes that followed my car as I carefully inched past it.  Its elongated wolf like nose stood out from the fur.
It was a Ghost Dog!!!  Already dead, nothing could kill it!  I need not have worried about hurting it.... its soul was already sold to the highest bidder.
I told the cast about my encounter and they refused to believe.  Maybe it was undercooked potato or bad beef, but they felt there was more gravy train than the grave about Ghost Dog.
Following a fun cast party..... at which no one admitted to seeing Ghost Dog and no one stripped, passed out or puked... Sunday was spent striking the set.
Curt (or Todd...depending) called on his way home at about 2 and reported seeing....Ghost Dog!
Alive, and in some one's yard.
At least he thinks.  I believe Ghost Dog wanders the fields at night, waiting for a soul to scare.  I pray 'tis not me!
My hum seems to be coming from the fridge.  It is noisier in the garage than in the house, and in the hall than in the kitchen.  Must have to do with vibrations.
And the water fall?  Seems to be a discharge from the water filter system.  When the plumbers show up Monday, maybe they can figure out a solution.
Still dusting...still putting away boxes.  We now have 32 boxes of bandages and 4 travel size powders.


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