Ehh??? What??? What are the words???

Living in a new house is a weird experience.
In the middle of the night I can't find the bathroom.
I don't know what all the light switches do.
There are new angles to learn, sometimes painfully in the dark, and trust me, I have learned a couple.
But it is the noises that are the most vexing.
Everyone knows I have a hearing loss.  I don't hear some sounds well.  The TV is turned up a little higher than normal, conversations get missed, sometimes when Jackie calls I don't hear her. (To be honest, sometimes I do and just don't respond.)
On the second night in the house I became aware of a humming noise.  I stress I, she does not hear it.
It's constant.  To me it sounds like the pump running.
So I went downstairs and noise.
Went upstairs and ... noise.
I did this several times.  At first I thought a water softener was recharging.  Or the iron removal  thing-a-ma-bob was working.  Or the well pump was pumping.  Or the water heater was firing up.  Nothing was making noise in the basement.
I put my ear to the pipes and on one pipe that comes down to the sewer I can hear water trickling down.... like a small waterfall.  I go upstairs and check each and every faucet and bathroom, but nothing is on.  I ask Jackie if she has used any water in the past 10 minutes and the answer is no.
I return to the basement and listen again.....water trickling down the pipe, like a small waterfall.
In my head (literally) both issues are related.  The trickling and the hum are in someway tied together.  But how?
When I went to bed all I heard was The HUM....... but I did manage to fall asleep.  At around 3, or 5, my eyes were a little blurry, I went back to the basement and listened to the pipe......I could hear water trickling down, like a small waterfall.
Getting back to sleep was hard.  The HUM kept me awake.
Now I have a problem.  Do I call the plumbers and tell them about The HUM and have to admit I was listening to the pipes?
Or do I just bide my time and hope it disappears, or I become used to it.
Maybe I should just teach the house some words.  (Old joke for fifth graders...why do hummingbirds hum?  They don't know the words.)
And those of you who know me understand how my imagination and insufferably optimistic outlook combine to create multiple scenarios where the house is destroyed, damaged, rendered unfit for habitation, or in some other way results in a disaster of unmitigated proportions.
And through it all, The HUM will survive.


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