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Locked doors, geckos and a near encouter with a Famous Person

I used to think I was a pretty smart person.  Then we moved.
The new house has doors that stay locked unless you flip a little lever.  I don't seem to remember this.  Locked myself out of the garage once, but the car was open so I used the garage door opener.  Locked myself out of the house a second time, but Jackie quickly answered the door.
So it was with frosted bated (baited?  never could figure that out) breath that I closed the front door just as she was getting in the shower.
I could not get back in.  Front door locked, car locked, garage door locked.  And me with no key (or clue).  I was in a shirt and it was cold.  Very cold.  I rang the bell.  No answer.  I knew she would be in the shower for at least 10 minutes, if not longer.  Then the hair dryer would go on and she still wouldn't hear me.
So I broke into my own house.
I knew a basement window was unlocked.  I walked around the house, pushed the window up, climbed down through the bottom half of the window and made my w…

I still don't get it.

Whew!!  I am tired!!  I have spent part of the day putting away boxes of stuff.  I did find some interesting items:
I have a box of vacuum clean bags and belts.  Bags for Hoover, Eureka, maybe another one or two.  Trouble is, we have a bagless vacuum!!  Now I moved these bags from our house, to the townhouse, to the new house....three times!!  I still can't seem to just toss them!!
I saved the Nov. 5 1993 special section of the Chicago Tribune that profiled the Bulls without Michael Jordan.  Again, I have moved this three times!!
Can't find the rocks for Jackie's paperwhites.  I know they are here somewhere.
Moved two coffee pots..... don't drink coffee.  And there are two boxes of coffee filters.  Usually I offer people coffee when they are visiting.  But most people have had my coffee and prefer to just sip turpentine out of a glass bottle.  Just sayin', I don't do coffee very well.
Spent 14 days looking for the clips to hold the shelves up in our white IKEA cabin…


I am taking the time to assess life.  And offering Thanksgivings.
I am thankful that we went with the wider single garage doors.  Unfortunately, they are not wide enough for some people.
I am thankful that Julia celebrates a birthday tomorrow in Switzerland.  Unfortunately, she will not be with us.
I am thankful banks give out mortgages.  Unfortunately, we need one.
I am thankful Emily has 4 great dogs.  Unfortunately, they poop a lot.
I am thankful our instant on hot water system is providing hot water.  Unfortunately, I had several luke warm showers.  Not a bad thing, mind you.
I am thankful paint scrapes on cars can be buffed out.  Unfortunately, we have to have that done.
I am thankful for udder cream.  Unfortunately, my hands are killing me they are so dry.
I am thankful for friends and families.  No unfortunately about that.
I am thankful for my good health.  Unfortunately, I have some misgivings about that stress test today.
I am thankful for whomever left the peppermint schnapps at my h…

Ghost dogs, hums, and trickle down effects

OK, a little of weirdness.
On Friday night, after the show, the cast stopped up at Abraham's for a drink.
I only had one.  You must believe this, or nothing good can come of this story.
I was driving home about 12:30.  (a.m.)  On Flagg Road, just after the cemetery where the road curves, a giant white dog was standing in the westbound lane.
My headlights picked it up and I slowed down, moving into the eastbound lane to avoid hitting it.  The dog was taller than my Honda's front fender.  It had long, white flowing hair and eyes that followed my car as I carefully inched past it.  Its elongated wolf like nose stood out from the fur.
It was a Ghost Dog!!!  Already dead, nothing could kill it!  I need not have worried about hurting it.... its soul was already sold to the highest bidder.
I told the cast about my encounter and they refused to believe.  Maybe it was undercooked potato or bad beef, but they felt there was more gravy train than the grave about Ghost Dog.
Following a fun cast …

Ehh??? What??? What are the words???

Living in a new house is a weird experience.
In the middle of the night I can't find the bathroom.
I don't know what all the light switches do.
There are new angles to learn, sometimes painfully in the dark, and trust me, I have learned a couple.
But it is the noises that are the most vexing.
Everyone knows I have a hearing loss.  I don't hear some sounds well.  The TV is turned up a little higher than normal, conversations get missed, sometimes when Jackie calls I don't hear her. (To be honest, sometimes I do and just don't respond.)
On the second night in the house I became aware of a humming noise.  I stress I, she does not hear it.
It's constant.  To me it sounds like the pump running.
So I went downstairs and noise.
Went upstairs and ... noise.
I did this several times.  At first I thought a water softener was recharging.  Or the iron removal  thing-a-ma-bob was working.  Or the well pump was pumping.  Or the water heater was firing up.  Nothing was m…

Home sweet home! answer all the endless questions:
Yes, we are in our new house.
No, not everything is done.
Yes, the move went well.
Yes, opening night of the play was a success.
No, I am not disappointed by the election results.
 In no particular order:
I moved the last piece of crap at about 4:15 today, not that my bicycle is crap.  I have a problem.  It will not hurt the world to throw stuff out and it may improve the world if I/we stop buying more stuff.  I packed at least 11 candles.  Most of them have not been burned.  Emily is having a candle party.  Mom was invited.  Here is my version of the conversation.  Figure out who is talking.
Are you going to order any candles.
Candles, candles, we don't need any more stinkin candles.
I may order some.
We never burn the ones we have.
Why don't you burn your candles?
I'm afraid it'll start a fire.
And of course I packed at least 11 cakes or bars of scented soap.  Make any wisecracks you want, they are mine!  I have soap for a lifetime!!
As we w…

silence is golden

This may be the last post for a few days.
Wednesday morning, 7 a.m.....actually, I believe that was a Simon and Garfunkel album, but I digress.
Wednesday morning, 7 a.m...... the movers will be a knockin' at our door.  They will take our furniture and some boxes and head west toward Emily's.  There they will pick up the rest of the furniture and the snow blower and haul it all to our new house at 10105 Shagbark Ln.
I/We are not ready.
The closets are not done because I opted to do them.  We will be stacking towels and clothes on the floor.  Probably.  With luck, our master bedroom closet will be done and we can hang  some stuff.
We have a lot of clothes.  I have a lot of clothes.  I have t shirts to wear outside while working in the yard, t shirts to wear while painting, t-shirts to wear while sleeping and t-shirts to wear.  That's a lot of t-shirts.  And there are regular shirts, sweatshirts, the stuff that has to go that we won't have a place to …


So...what is new?
How about the new, redesigned, much more appropriate columns?
Or the beams in the ceiling?
Carpeting?  Trim? The shower?
The shower.  Let me briefly describe the shower.  We picked out some tiles for the shower.  We looked at some accent tiles which would give a little character to the shower.  We ordered the tile.  The tile came.  Monday:  Terry T was putting up the tile when I asked, "Where are you putting the accent pieces?"  To which he replied, "What accent pieces?"
I called Jackie...did we pick out accent pieces?  Answer...we talked about them.  Called salesman Brian....did we pick out accent pieces? talked about them.  But you never ordered them.
So I ordered them.  Terry T said he needed them ASAP as he wanted to finish the shower.  Salesman Brian said I could pick them up in Wood Dale Tuesday afternoon.
So I drive to Wood Dale, which is near O'Hare, pick up the tile and say....crap, this isn't what I wanted.
Called Jackie.…