Wooden you know

I am a little strange.
So people who saw me going through dumpsters and garbage cans at the new house may be wondering.  But there was a reason.
All of our lighting fixtures were sent in cardboard boxes.  So after they were installed, the boxes got tossed.  I flattened them and recycled them.
Today I was out going through the remnants of the wood floor.  The floor is oak and I told the installers I was going to pull out the trash wood and use for campfires in the back yard.  I will miss an indoor fire, we have a gas fireplace, so I figure I can burn the oak outdoors while watching the stars. Of course I'll be sitting in dirt because the grass won't have enough warm weather to actually grow this year.
So people who know me know that wood will stick around until next fall when there is grass.
That's not my main point.
I checked stats on my last entry and no one from Russia read it, but one person in China visited.
That's not my main point either.  So what is?
Wooden floors.
When I was out there today I saw  the flooring guys had been there on Sunday and prepped the floors so they can be stained Monday morning.
I just hope we like the color.  Sometimes the color looks good on the sample, but not on the wall or floor.   Happened in the bedroom, maybe in the dining room although that jury is still out.  A floor is different.  You can't restain it, can't erase it, just have to live with it.
We'll know tomorrow night if we made the right choice.
And digging through the wood scraps has a price....I have a sliver.  Not a big one, a teeny, tiny one that is in the palm of my hand.  I can feel it....but I can't get it.  It is small, my eyes don't see well, and I can't seem to dig it out.  It's like an itch you can't scratch...keep working on it, but it won't budge.
Maybe it'll feel better sitting around a campfire on a cold, fall night.  Eating S'mores.  Drinking wine.  Talking.  Hopefully not to myself.
Speaking of that, I do tend to talk to myself.  I did not realize how loudly I did that until I was at the zoo and asked myself a question.  Another volunteer heard me and asked if I also answered myself.  Well, I do.  So there.  Getting old has its perks....I don't give a crap about things like that anymore!
But the color of the floors......that's a concern.
Nook area is done

we opted for an accent strip

looking into the family room

the machinery is in place for the driveway pour


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