who's excited now???

We looked at the first cabinets installed in the kitchen and are pretty darn excited!  They look good, the floors look good, the painting looks good.....in other words, all is good.
Painting......I painted the basement part of the project.  This was the area that was in the three year plan to partially finish.  But it was pointed out that it would be hard to get drywall into the house in a year or so, so why not put the drywall in the basement now and store it for when you need it.
Sounded like a plan.
Another person asked if we really wanted all that dust flying around in a year or two.  Why not put the drywall up now?
So I had a series of questions:
What will it cost to buy drywall for part of the basement?
Answer:  Not much.
Action:  Bought the drywall.
What will it cost to stud out the basement?
Answer:  Not much.
Action:  Stud the basement.
But wait!!! Before you do drywall, you have to put the electricity in.  But by then I stopped asking.
And don't forget heating, taping and priming the drywall..........all those little parts became a whole.
Which brings me to today and why I am sore.  I painted the areas finished in the basement so trim can be put up.  Emily helped, she did the dark gray while I did the light gray.
And the individual parts did not cost much.  But put them all together and it is apparent I am going to have to do some serious subbing!!
But the basement area will be done.  It looks pretty neat now, with trim and carpet it will be a super nice place for me to escape.
Now, for some pictures:

Beginning of the kitchen cabinet instal
It's like a jigsaw puzzle to me

New oven's new home

Pillars on the porch were started Friday


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