Well, that was futile!

First off, let me state I love the color of the floors.  They are not too dark and I think they will age to a lustrous beauty.
That said.....we put in a red Brazilian cherry accent strip.  A red Brazilian cherry accent strip in a dark wood floor really just sort of blends in.  Maybe someone should have thought of that, but no one did.  It does not have the "pop" we thought it would have, but then, I don't anymore either.
Speaking of that,  darling daughter the pharmacist gave me a pamphlet for a  drug that addresses low testosterone.  Let's see....depression, well, sometimes I do get a little blue.  Lack of energy....yes.  Reduced muscle bulk and strength....well, comes with age.  Increased body fat.....that is a given.  All these are topics my daughter talked to me about.  But she skipped the erectile dysfunction symptom of low testosterone.... how uncomfortable is that for a father daughter conversation!
I will talk to my doctor about a test to see if I am of the low testosterone persuasion.  If I am, maybe I will be able to be a little happier, less tired, maybe thinner.
Who knows, maybe I'll even think I can kick some ass when threatened!
Oh, who am I kidding.....
The driveway is in.  By this weekend it should be able to be driven on.
I think the cabinets and trim are next on the list.
The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger!!
And now for some pictures.

Perspective...it isn't as wide as it looks

kitchen looking into nook

family room

Where's Jackie??

Not sure I like the green wall color with the floor.....


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