We are floored!

Actually, really floored.
The hardwood guys showed up this morning (Friday) and began puttin' wood down.  We went out at about 5 and they had made a lot of progress.  Schedule is to finish Saturday, sand and stain Monday, first coat Wednesday.  Then on Friday or so the cabinets and trim can start to be installed.  Once that is dry, the final coat of finish is applied and some staining of windows and doors is done.
Appliances are scheduled for Oct. 25.....so hopefully all will be ready by then.
We are having a "system" installed in the master bedroom closet, but I am doing the shelving in the remaining closets.  I say I, but brother in law Bob is coming out to help.  Help, hell.....he'll do most of the work while I stand around and offer to get coffee or lunch.  He knows my limits, which are pretty low when it comes to carpentry and DIY projects.
For example, our first house was a bilevel on Southview Drive.  The basement was unfinished, and he came out to help finish the lower level.  We put in a bedroom, family room, and another room that served as a store crap in room.
We (and yes, I mean me too) were building a soffet around heating pipes.  He got it started and all I had to do was nail the peices together.  I bent a nail.  It would not come out.  So I stood on the bottom rung of the ladder, hooked the claw end of the hammer on the bent nail and yanked as hard as I could.
The pain was awful.  At first I thought I broke my nose, then I checked for all my teeth and to be sure I still had lips.  He must have heard the sound of hammer on flesh because all I heard was, "Terr, tell me you didn't hit yourself in the head with the hammer."
I couldn't tell him...I was in too much freaking pain.
My next job was easier.
"Go to the lumber yard and get some more wood," he said.
How much? I asked.
"About 30 minutes worth." he said, and he was right.  Half an hour later I came back and he was done.
I won't tell what I did for the next project in that house,....but I don't think many men accomplished what I did in that basement!
Back to the present......   With the temps falling, it's good the heat works.  Today the water was run into the house, so all that is needed now are some fixtures for the H2O.
We also have the start of a driveway.  Like all males, I don't understand measurements very well.  We were scheduled for a 16 foot wide driveway, but I measured Emily's and it was 20, so we upped ours to 20.  Seems wide now, but it is easier to have unused space than having a need to add in a year or two.
The columns on the front of the house are getting built.  There will be some stone on them, and that may be done next week also.
As you know we are renting, which is why we had another experience that floored us.
We mailed our rent check last Sept. 24.  We got it back yesterday, torn in half, with a letter from the townhouse owner telling us we did not have to pay for October.  Mary and Marvin are on our list of people we are indebted to for their kindness.
Which makes us floored twice in one week.
And now for some excellent pictures:

tarping the dumpster for removal

columns are underway

coming soon....a driveway

the pad was poured Friday morning

Friday morning, 9 a.m.

5 p.m. Friday, work is progressing

kitchen and nook view

Looking into the kitchen


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