There's big and there's really big!!

Let me begin by saying I know numbers.
Jackie and I both looked at the specs for our living room columns and agreed that was exactly what we wanted.
Drawings showed the sizes, shapes, taper, and all were exactly what we wanted.
The columns came Thursday and they are big, really big.
Or as Daughter said;  "Holy shit!!  Those are huge!"
We have three of them....each two foot square.  they are a little out of proportion to the rest of the room.  When all three are arranged in a row it gives the family room a fortified look.  Not a lot of space to move around them either.
At first we thought we could live with two of them....but the more we thought, the more we decided no.
So the columns get a smaller size.
Trim is going up.  I wanted rosettes in the corners of the windows.  Jackie was not sure.  But they are getting put in place and I think they add a lot to the look of the room.
We like the darker trim and we love the columns....but the size is all wrong.
Here's some updates.

The columns are great....just a little big.

vanity going in

rosettes on doors and windows

model of what the pillars outside will look like


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