Is that a kitchen counter I see??

Counter top is in and almost all installed.  If I do say so myself, we made a good choice.  Jackie isn't sold on the sink, but since I seem to do most of the dishes, tough noogies.
All the kitchen cabinets are installed.  Everything seems to be in the right place and the right height.
Trim is getting put up left and right and all the windows are done, which means Dane will come in and stain and coat the sashes and sills.
New pillars are being made for the great room, and the porch pillars are getting assembled for installation this week also.
We are only 1 trillion over budget.  Jackie (who does drive me nuts with buying stuff) is working on another list of stuff to buy.
Stuff....for example, curtain rods.  We need to hang curtains.  We need rods.
Mirrors for the bathrooms.
Selecting towel holders and racks for the bedrooms.
Hand towels.
How in the hell is the economy still tanked??  We are propping it up buy (pun intended) ourselves!!!  Let's go fellow Americans, spend, spend, spend!!
Here's how I function.  Buy shelving for closets.  (We do have an allowance for shelving, but someone decided he wanted a "system" for the master bedroom and blew the allowance on that.  Now he has to compensate for that expense.)
Step one:  measure.  Write it down in notebook.  Spend 20 minutes the next day looking for notebook.  Give up search and remeasure, writing everything down in notebook 2.  Misplace notebook 2, but find it before measuring for the fourth time.  Go to store.  Buy shelving.
Return half the shelving because we don't need as much of that size.   Buy more shelving of a different width.  Find out what I returned is some that we need.  Go back to buy more shelving.  Discover the shelving I want is empty because somebody bought all of it only to return half of it and that half hasn't been restocked to the right bin.
Buy coffee and ponder life.

master bathroom floor is done

hall bath just needs fixtures

staging are for all the cutting

the boss waiting for appliances

trim is almost done.....chair rail to come

washer and dryer are in place

cabinets with counter waiting for stove top


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