I'm getting stressed

Ok, today was an "interesting" day.
Got a call from the painter.  Dane was running out of paint and had not finished the recoating, and since they are starting trim and cabinets tomorrow, he thought it would be good to get all the painting done.
That was about 11.
Up until then I had had a leisurely paced morning.....cleaned a couple of bathrooms, vacuumed the bedroom, was ready to dust the floors....... but the paint is a priority.  So I put on my socks and shoes and pants and headed to the paint store.
Now, we get our paints in DeKalb.  Don't ask why.  It's a long story that involves paint, cedar siding, and a lack of customer service.  So we buy paint in DeKalb.
Did I mention Jackie has a back shot scheduled for 1:30 in Rockford?
She called the painter and I hit the car...unshaven, unshowered, baseball hat covering the rat's nest on my head.
Pull out of the street and head toward 20th st., figuring that is the fastest way.
Get to 20th St. and there is a funeral procession.  At least 50 cars.  Being respectful, I waited.
After that passed I proceeded on my way.
Now here is the strange thing.  I have gone to DeKalb and hit one light.  I have gone to DeKalb and hit two lights.  Heck, on some trips when I am not in a hurry I have not hit any lights.
Today, in a hurry, I hit every single freaking light.  Flagg Road, 251, Ill. 38, The Wal Mart one, Dement, the 39 ramp, even the damn light at Kish College!!!  And not just hit them, I got to each light as it turned red, which means I went through the whole cycle.
Time was ticking.
Got the paint, headed back....I hit every single freaking light on the way back, (except the Wal Mart light) just in reverse order! Kish, 39, Dement, Caron, 251, even 20th St. was red and there were no cars on 20th st. at Flagg Road.
After dropping off the paint, letting the dogs out, I went home, showered, shaved, had two pieces of cheese and a couple of crackers while I did dishes, then took Jackie to the doctor for her shot.
The rest of the day was easy.....reading night at Tilton, museum board meeting....
It was a little hectic, but I had a large Starbuck's salted caramel mocha (yes honey, I know you call them venti...hell, I'm old....I call it a large) which probably explains why I am not in the least bit tired.  As a matter of fact, I may just finish cleaning house and revising the script for our upcoming show.
And paint the basement.....seal Emily's driveway....finish that novel....
I think I am good to go.


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