A brief update....very brief

Progress was pretty quick today on the kitchen.....
These are the hickory cabinets we selected.  Counter tops to come.
We also have a big announcement......Nov. 7 is the day the moving guys will take our old stuff to the new place.  The downside is they will be here at 7 a.m.......I will probably still be in bed.  Can't seem to get up in time for breakfast and we don't do brunch.
But Emily gets to share in the pain too because most of our stuff is at her house.  After they load up at the rental, they will stop at Emily's and get all the rest of the furniture.  Appliances are set for Oct. 25...so the end must be near!!
So put the Nov. 7 move with the Nov. 10 play opening, and you may sense a little anxiety on my part.  OK, I can't sleep.  I have constant nightmares.  I can't sleep.  Heartburn.  Loss of appetite.  All I want is junk food.  Can't sleep........getting up at 7 for the movers will be a challenge.  Play.  Moving.  Painting.  Sealing the driveways.  Face book, Tuscany villa search, Spider Solitaire......... Maybe I do waste too much time!
Now for some pictures:

bathroom has been a challenge

looks a little like Emily's

lowest cabinet is for the microwave

I think I found a spot for wine glasses

This is an angled end cabinet and doors open on both sides....way cool

piers for the columns are taking shape


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