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Is that a kitchen counter I see??

Counter top is in and almost all installed.  If I do say so myself, we made a good choice.  Jackie isn't sold on the sink, but since I seem to do most of the dishes, tough noogies.
All the kitchen cabinets are installed.  Everything seems to be in the right place and the right height.
Trim is getting put up left and right and all the windows are done, which means Dane will come in and stain and coat the sashes and sills.
New pillars are being made for the great room, and the porch pillars are getting assembled for installation this week also.
We are only 1 trillion over budget.  Jackie (who does drive me nuts with buying stuff) is working on another list of stuff to buy.
Stuff....for example, curtain rods.  We need to hang curtains.  We need rods.
Mirrors for the bathrooms.
Selecting towel holders and racks for the bedrooms.
Hand towels.
How in the hell is the economy still tanked??  We are propping it up buy (pun intended) ourselves!!!  Let's go fellow America…

There's big and there's really big!!

Let me begin by saying I know numbers.
Jackie and I both looked at the specs for our living room columns and agreed that was exactly what we wanted.
Drawings showed the sizes, shapes, taper, and all were exactly what we wanted.
The columns came Thursday and they are big, really big.
Or as Daughter said;  "Holy shit!!  Those are huge!"
We have three of them....each two foot square.  they are a little out of proportion to the rest of the room.  When all three are arranged in a row it gives the family room a fortified look.  Not a lot of space to move around them either.
At first we thought we could live with two of them....but the more we thought, the more we decided no.
So the columns get a smaller size.
Trim is going up.  I wanted rosettes in the corners of the windows.  Jackie was not sure.  But they are getting put in place and I think they add a lot to the look of the room.
We like the darker trim and we love the columns....but the size is all wrong.
Here's some…

A brief update....very brief

Progress was pretty quick today on the kitchen.....
These are the hickory cabinets we selected.  Counter tops to come.
We also have a big announcement......Nov. 7 is the day the moving guys will take our old stuff to the new place.  The downside is they will be here at 7 a.m.......I will probably still be in bed.  Can't seem to get up in time for breakfast and we don't do brunch.
But Emily gets to share in the pain too because most of our stuff is at her house.  After they load up at the rental, they will stop at Emily's and get all the rest of the furniture.  Appliances are set for Oct. the end must be near!!
So put the Nov. 7 move with the Nov. 10 play opening, and you may sense a little anxiety on my part.  OK, I can't sleep.  I have constant nightmares.  I can't sleep.  Heartburn.  Loss of appetite.  All I want is junk food.  Can't sleep........getting up at 7 for the movers will be a challenge.  Play.  Moving.  Painting.  Sealing the driveways.  Face b…

who's excited now???

We looked at the first cabinets installed in the kitchen and are pretty darn excited!  They look good, the floors look good, the painting looks other words, all is good.
Painting......I painted the basement part of the project.  This was the area that was in the three year plan to partially finish.  But it was pointed out that it would be hard to get drywall into the house in a year or so, so why not put the drywall in the basement now and store it for when you need it.
Sounded like a plan.
Another person asked if we really wanted all that dust flying around in a year or two.  Why not put the drywall up now?
So I had a series of questions:
What will it cost to buy drywall for part of the basement?
Answer:  Not much.
Action:  Bought the drywall.
What will it cost to stud out the basement?
Answer:  Not much.
Action:  Stud the basement.
But wait!!! Before you do drywall, you have to put the electricity in.  But by then I stopped asking.
And don't forget heating, taping and priming th…

I'm getting stressed

Ok, today was an "interesting" day.
Got a call from the painter.  Dane was running out of paint and had not finished the recoating, and since they are starting trim and cabinets tomorrow, he thought it would be good to get all the painting done.
That was about 11.
Up until then I had had a leisurely paced morning.....cleaned a couple of bathrooms, vacuumed the bedroom, was ready to dust the floors....... but the paint is a priority.  So I put on my socks and shoes and pants and headed to the paint store.
Now, we get our paints in DeKalb.  Don't ask why.  It's a long story that involves paint, cedar siding, and a lack of customer service.  So we buy paint in DeKalb.
Did I mention Jackie has a back shot scheduled for 1:30 in Rockford?
She called the painter and I hit the car...unshaven, unshowered, baseball hat covering the rat's nest on my head.
Pull out of the street and head toward 20th st., figuring that is the fastest way.
Get to 20th St. and there is a funeral proces…

Well, that was futile!

First off, let me state I love the color of the floors.  They are not too dark and I think they will age to a lustrous beauty.
That said.....we put in a red Brazilian cherry accent strip.  A red Brazilian cherry accent strip in a dark wood floor really just sort of blends in.  Maybe someone should have thought of that, but no one did.  It does not have the "pop" we thought it would have, but then, I don't anymore either.
Speaking of that,  darling daughter the pharmacist gave me a pamphlet for a  drug that addresses low testosterone.  Let's see....depression, well, sometimes I do get a little blue.  Lack of energy....yes.  Reduced muscle bulk and strength....well, comes with age.  Increased body fat.....that is a given.  All these are topics my daughter talked to me about.  But she skipped the erectile dysfunction symptom of low testosterone.... how uncomfortable is that for a father daughter conversation!
I will talk to my doctor about a test to see if I am of the low …

Wooden you know

I am a little strange.
So people who saw me going through dumpsters and garbage cans at the new house may be wondering.  But there was a reason.
All of our lighting fixtures were sent in cardboard boxes.  So after they were installed, the boxes got tossed.  I flattened them and recycled them.
Today I was out going through the remnants of the wood floor.  The floor is oak and I told the installers I was going to pull out the trash wood and use for campfires in the back yard.  I will miss an indoor fire, we have a gas fireplace, so I figure I can burn the oak outdoors while watching the stars. Of course I'll be sitting in dirt because the grass won't have enough warm weather to actually grow this year.
So people who know me know that wood will stick around until next fall when there is grass.
That's not my main point.
I checked stats on my last entry and no one from Russia read it, but one person in China visited.
That's not my main point either.  So what is?
Wooden floors.

We are floored!

Actually, really floored.
The hardwood guys showed up this morning (Friday) and began puttin' wood down.  We went out at about 5 and they had made a lot of progress.  Schedule is to finish Saturday, sand and stain Monday, first coat Wednesday.  Then on Friday or so the cabinets and trim can start to be installed.  Once that is dry, the final coat of finish is applied and some staining of windows and doors is done.
Appliances are scheduled for Oct. hopefully all will be ready by then.
We are having a "system" installed in the master bedroom closet, but I am doing the shelving in the remaining closets.  I say I, but brother in law Bob is coming out to help.  Help, hell.....he'll do most of the work while I stand around and offer to get coffee or lunch.  He knows my limits, which are pretty low when it comes to carpentry and DIY projects.
For example, our first house was a bilevel on Southview Drive.  The basement was unfinished, and he came out to help finish the…