Whitewashing can be a good thing

Wow....seems like a long time since I wrote on this.
In the construction process, there is a point when things move exceedingly slow.  We seem to be at that point.
Little things are getting finished, but it seems to take forever.
One area where there is progress is the interior painting.  The walls have been primed and ceilings painted.  Next we are going to add some color.
Funny thing, colors.  There is a color wheel that we used to use in school.  That wheel showed the primary colors:  red, yellow, blue.  It also showed the secondary colors: green, orange, purple.
Now where does Sherwood green, or little boy blue come in?  How about wildflowers and Hathaway peach.....sounds like something we should grow in the yard, not put on a wall in the bedroom.
However I did not see any Cubbie Blue, which I thing would be a big cellar.  (Get it?  I should have said seller, but because they are so bad this year I made a pun...cellar.  The basement.  Worst. Bottom....As TC tells me, if ya have to explain it, it's not funny.  Which if you say real fast almost sounds like snot funny.)
And the bulk of the house will be in muslin...no, not the religion but the color.  Looks like a painters drop cloth and I think it will show up well with the trim we have.
any left over paint is going to be used in the basement.  I get tired of having eight or nine gallons of paint just hanging around, so I'm going to paint different sections with the left overs.  Like a quilt.  A little Van Alen green, next to wildflowers, next to Stonehouse, next to ..... you get the idea. I'll call it the Joseph room with a coat of many colors!
I am having someone paint.  I am slow.  I could paint, but it would take me several days and there is no guarantee I would be finished in a week.  I would get bored, distracted, tired..... and the painting would not get done.  So we are having it done quickly, efficiently and professionally.
Left to be done:  electric hookups of sockets and outlets, wall switches, doorbells, outdoor lights and interior lights; shower needs to be tiled, as do the floors in the bathrooms, then the sinks, toilets and all get installed in the bathrooms.  Then the wood floor gets laid and finished.  And kitchen cabinets get installed.  Next comes the trim and then the carpeting.  Finally the finishing of things like closet shelves,  door knobs, railings, grab bars....... and the walk through with the various trades to be sure all is what it is supposed to be.
But the light is growing larger at the end of the tunnel.  I still wake up sweating and dreaming of $$$$$$ just going out like crazy, but it is what it is.
Now, for something picturesque:
the queen surveying the hive

garage window

This is the cleanest the garage will ever be


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