Splaine this to me, Lucy

Well......a little of this and a little of that.
The interior painting is about as done as it is going to be for a couple of weeks.  We may have the muslin color redone, but that will have to wait.
The wood floors are in the house....not installed, but in the house.  Acclimating.  My understanding is next week the floor will be laid.  (More than I can say for me!)
My life is filled with Terrys.  Terry C is a fellow Exit 99er and thespian, and Terry T is the tile guy and Ren Fair performer.  He was busy this week on the bathrooms and utility room, but he did not have to walk on stilts or wear his street cleaners outfit. (This makes sense only if you know he performs at the Bristol Renaissance Faire from mid July to Labor Day weekend, dressing as several characters during the course of the fair.)
When we ordered the tile I was sure we were right.  When the tile arrived, I was sure we were wrong.  (I have the same problem with dining out....my choice is always wrong and everyone's plate is better.) Once the tiles were laid, it was obvious they are the right choice.  These are 18 inch tiles, which makes the installation and maintenance a little easier....less grouting, less sealing of the grout ... and less for me  to maintain in my doddering golden years.
I have some pictures of the garage doors in place, the outside lights, the basement.....all on my suddenly missing little Nikon.  The last I remember using it was to take a picture of a heron while riding the bike path.  Clarification:  I was riding, the heron was wading.
I have looked in both cars, in all the pockets I can find and nada...zilch.  My fear is I put it into my backpack and when I took out a sweatshirt, the camera got tangled and fell.  But that doesn't seem possible since I put the camera in a smaller, zipped compartment.
That's another problem with age.  I forget. And I repeat.
Tim the electrician was hard at work installing Jackie's dining room light.  The light was made in my favorite manufacturing country.
Here are steps 7, 8, 9:
7     To the downward by Glass Shade  to Arm assembly, after a component of the overall penetrate up Stem.  (OK, I think its code for pornography.
8    Hooks small ring into side rod's the other side.
9     Up from under Cap to Stem incasive and stability with Finial locks, adjust the depth of Finial's Nipple locked to make Arm can bears the weight of the glass, Glass Shade and Cap will be anastomosis is OK
I personally followed all the steps, right to where anastomosis is OK.
I also point out the hidden porno agenda:  Penetrate, stem, Nipple, anastomosis....... oh those Chinese are sneaky!
I think I'll go back to look for my little Nikon again.
And some pictures to share:
nobody answered the door

Remember:  anastomosis is OK

Part of our wood floor

hall bathroom

downstairs bathroom in really weird light


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