So many colors in the rainbow....

Here is why I don't paint:

And in case you still don't see why, here is another reason:

Now the truly observant will notice the color on my hands and arms (and jeans, shoes, shirt) seems to match the color of the paint splattered on the floor (and wall, and box, and paint cans).
Most certainly.
It all started when the monsoon rains came Monday.  I subbed, had a couple of stops, went home and decided to go out to the house to make sure windows were closed.
I saw all the paint sitting there and picked up the first can.  Then it slipped out of my hands and hit the floor, with the lid flying off and the paint flying everywhere.
There is about an inch of Hathaway Peach left in the can.  Luckily the painter had already done the room with that color and thinks it covered in one coat.  Thinks, because it got pretty dark here today and he isn't positive until the sun hits the room.
Then I had an ethical dilemma.  Should I fess up or plead ignorance?  After all, a passing Vandal might have entered the house and dropped the paint.  Or the wind could have picked it up.  Maybe we are building on an old graveyard and spirits did the deed.
But Jackie said I had to own up and accept the ridicule like the wimp that I am.
So I called the painter.  He laughed.
I have to call the builder to tell him I was the one to make the huge mess in an otherwise perfect area.
And folks, there was not a drop of paint on any of the cans.
Till I got there, at least.
Imagine the damage I could do on a ladder!

Hathaway Peach actually on the bathroom wall

Stonehouse....we thought it was much darker.


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