And now, something different

The painting is all done, sort of.
When you get those little squares and you are sitting in a paint store, the colors seem fine.  But do a room in them and wow!!!  What a surprise!
We have a couple of projects to redo.  We don't think Julia would be able to sleep in the blue room...and the yellow room is bound to keep the neighbors awake!  We will keep the yellow room, but we already have paint for the blue room.
The basement is my project.  I picked up some paint for the bathroom and will work on that this next week.  But the rest of the painting will be done over the winter, when I don't have anything else to do.  Not that I have anything to do now, but I really don't like to paint, so I'll put it off as long as I can.
This week I am going to move out all the lights we bought, and the fans, because the electrician is installing fixtures.  We may have to redo the bulk of the house because the paint may not have covered in all the areas.  It's hard to tell though, because the lighting hasn't been great.
Not to mention any names, but someone is driving me nuts with looking for new towels, curtains, rugs....I feel like I have to pull in the reins a little.  "Wait until the house is finished," is my new mantra, said at least 10 times a day.  We did order blinds and they should arrive next week.  But one of the lights we bought on line had a broken glass and we are having a little trouble getting a replacement.
Speaking of ordering on line, funny story.
I am plump.  No arguing there.  I ordered some jeans on line and they did not fit.  So I took them back to the Eddie Bauer store in Rockford.  This was about 4 months ago.  I usually get 36 loose fit ....but the store does not carry that style.  When I took the pants back the extremely attractive young things working there encouraged me to try on the classic fit.  I did.  They were snug.  "They don't look look good," they cooed.  So I bought two pairs.  Fast forward to last week...I can't bend when I have them on.  And I have to breathe in so deeply it hurts.  So after the giant paint spill ruined my good jeans, I ordered more on line.  But I ordered relaxed fit, not loose.  Size 36 waist.  They came Friday and guess what?  They must be mismarked because I needed another inch of fabric to button them.  So I went to the store in Rockford with jeans to return and the sweet young things suggested a larger size.  I tried them on.  They fit.  Size 38 waist.  Never in my life have I worn a size 38 waist.
When I got home I rode my bike.
Trim around doors is finished

We went with a multi color kitchen nook

Same color on bottom as in the nook....chair rail to follow

Yes, it is a bright yellow

Little boy blue is getting toned down 

Looking from the kitchen into the nook.


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