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Splaine this to me, Lucy

Well......a little of this and a little of that.
The interior painting is about as done as it is going to be for a couple of weeks.  We may have the muslin color redone, but that will have to wait.
The wood floors are in the house....not installed, but in the house.  Acclimating.  My understanding is next week the floor will be laid.  (More than I can say for me!)
My life is filled with Terrys.  Terry C is a fellow Exit 99er and thespian, and Terry T is the tile guy and Ren Fair performer.  He was busy this week on the bathrooms and utility room, but he did not have to walk on stilts or wear his street cleaners outfit. (This makes sense only if you know he performs at the Bristol Renaissance Faire from mid July to Labor Day weekend, dressing as several characters during the course of the fair.)
When we ordered the tile I was sure we were right.  When the tile arrived, I was sure we were wrong.  (I have the same problem with dining choice is always wrong and everyone's plate …

And now, something different

The painting is all done, sort of.
When you get those little squares and you are sitting in a paint store, the colors seem fine.  But do a room in them and wow!!!  What a surprise!
We have a couple of projects to redo.  We don't think Julia would be able to sleep in the blue room...and the yellow room is bound to keep the neighbors awake!  We will keep the yellow room, but we already have paint for the blue room.
The basement is my project.  I picked up some paint for the bathroom and will work on that this next week.  But the rest of the painting will be done over the winter, when I don't have anything else to do.  Not that I have anything to do now, but I really don't like to paint, so I'll put it off as long as I can.
This week I am going to move out all the lights we bought, and the fans, because the electrician is installing fixtures.  We may have to redo the bulk of the house because the paint may not have covered in all the areas.  It's hard to tell though, beca…

So many colors in the rainbow....

Here is why I don't paint:

And in case you still don't see why, here is another reason:

Now the truly observant will notice the color on my hands and arms (and jeans, shoes, shirt) seems to match the color of the paint splattered on the floor (and wall, and box, and paint cans).
Most certainly.
It all started when the monsoon rains came Monday.  I subbed, had a couple of stops, went home and decided to go out to the house to make sure windows were closed.
I saw all the paint sitting there and picked up the first can.  Then it slipped out of my hands and hit the floor, with the lid flying off and the paint flying everywhere.
There is about an inch of Hathaway Peach left in the can.  Luckily the painter had already done the room with that color and thinks it covered in one coat.  Thinks, because it got pretty dark here today and he isn't positive until the sun hits the room.
Then I had an ethical dilemma.  Should I fess up or plead ignorance?  After …

Whitewashing can be a good thing

Wow....seems like a long time since I wrote on this.
In the construction process, there is a point when things move exceedingly slow.  We seem to be at that point.
Little things are getting finished, but it seems to take forever.
One area where there is progress is the interior painting.  The walls have been primed and ceilings painted.  Next we are going to add some color.
Funny thing, colors.  There is a color wheel that we used to use in school.  That wheel showed the primary colors:  red, yellow, blue.  It also showed the secondary colors: green, orange, purple.
Now where does Sherwood green, or little boy blue come in?  How about wildflowers and Hathaway peach.....sounds like something we should grow in the yard, not put on a wall in the bedroom.
However I did not see any Cubbie Blue, which I thing would be a big cellar.  (Get it?  I should have said seller, but because they are so bad this year I made a pun...cellar.  The basement.  Worst. Bottom....As TC tells me, if ya have to expl…

One day at a time

No, this is not a trip down the memory lane of old tv shows.
Progress tends to slow at a certain point of construction.
Drywallers were working this week and part of last week.  All the walls are up, taped, mudded and redone.  They should be done this week end, which means the painter will be in next week to spray the walls and ceilings.  Then we get to add our color splashes.. purples, neon greens, black... and the rainbows over the windows.
Just kidding.
Once painting is done, final electric work and final plumbing work gets finished and the flooring gets laid.  That includes tile work in the bathrooms and the wood flooring in the bulk of the house.  Trim would be next, followed by cabinets....or vice-versa. Could be cabinets then trim.
We are selecting colors for the garage doors and the driveway still has to be addressed.  But those are the end of the tunnel projects.
I do have a problem.  My bizarre idea of having a patio instead of a porch has created a mini problem.  Look at the pic…