Real walls, real feelings

We have walls...real walls.  Not the 2 x 4 variety, but the wall board in place and ready to be taped variety.  Exciting to see how the rooms shape up, the nooks and corners we didn't see before.
Of course, it all looks so very small to me.....2,100 square feet just isn't what it used to be!
The wiring is basically done with just the hook up of fixtures and the put it all together part in the basement.
We have bought lights, a door bell, and security lights for the outside.  Once the drywall is taped, mudded, sanded, mudded, sanded, sprayed....and the rooms painted, the actual outlets will go in and the fixtures will be installed.
The basement is another story.  I have gone no ceiling, drywall, tile, no ceiling, tile, drywall until I am blue in the face.  I can't decide what the ceiling will be.....I wanted the loft look, but there are a lot of pipes and it just may not look good that way.  Time will tell, I guess.
We have a little space under the stairs in the basement that will be my tornado if a storm hits, look for us in the basement under the stairs.  I have enough fat to survive about 3 days, so don't take too long.
The outside is progressing as well.  Siding is up on most of the walls, the porch ceiling is in place, the doo dads look nice.  We are happy with the colors...everything seems to go together.  Our last house was dark...this is the opposite.  Many people go with a trim lighter than the siding, we did the opposite. The cedar shakes in the peaks also give it a little style.
If we figure drywall taking this week and probably next week at the least, then a week to paint, a week for flooring, three or four days for trim, a couple days for cabinets and carpeting.....maybe about 5 weeks until move in day?
Then I have to decide about the boxes....about 100 of them in Emily's basement.  I can't leave them there.....that was made clear!  Wonder why she thought that?
And I do have all winter to go through them.  Of course, I've had 20 years to go through them.  We see where that's gone!
And now some pictures.

Wednesday work

From the dining room to the front bedroom

Dining room ceiling

Cedar shakes and stylistic doo dad on porch peak

Someone is using our dumpster!!

Thursday...wall completed

Toward the back of the family room

Jackie on the porch


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