No cement shoes for us!

The sidewalk and porch were main points of progress this week.
The porch was poured midweek and the sidewalk was poured Friday.
We did not write our initials in either, although I was tempted.  I have a really neat red rock that has  a strange shape....almost a perfect equilateral triangle...and would have loved to have put that in the porch. But I can't find it.  I know it is in Emily's garage, but I am not quite sure where.  (Also can't find my cinnamon/sugar mix I love on toast, but that's a different story.)
So be it.
When we talked about a porch we decided we wanted it larger than six feet.  So we have an eight foot wide porch.  It looks like a honkin' freeway lane.  But I will be able to sit out here when it rains and not get wet, unless the wind is blowing out of the north.y
Speaking of the wind, we are using standard fiberglass insulation in the walls.  This stuff comes in rolls and is crammed in between the studs.  With the 2 X 6 walls, we will have an R-19 wall, which is ok for this area.
On Friday we were presented with an option:  blown on foam layer followed by loose cellulose that will seal all outside leaks and put the walls to an R-24 rating.  Of course, this is an option that costs money.  Despite my good looks, astute mind, kick boxer shaped body and my rapier like wit, I still get charged for extras.
Now you all know I am pretty cheap.  We are watching our money on this because no one knows if there will even be a pension system next week, let alone in 5 years.  So when it come down to spending money, we are hesitant.
But I think this is worth it.  You married folks can see the dilemma approaching like a freight train in a tunnel, can't you?
We have until Monday to decide.  My mind is made up.  I just feel like I need to do the most I can do to  save on energy use to protect the earth.
Now I just have to find the money to do it.
Here are some photos.
Obviously, the front porch

Slower traffic keep right

Yes, the concrete was dry

The road home
A smooth operation


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