Keep your mouth shut!!!

OK, that is a hook in the terms of creative writing.
The first part of this little epistle has nothing to do with the house, or almost nothing.
I went for a bike ride tonight, using the path in town.  After reading the excellent article on Greg Query in the latest InVironments, edited by my buddy and great over all person Renee, I was inspired.
I went about 7:30.  Strapped on my helmet, put my lanyard on, (ok, I carry a lanyard with an identity card in case of:  heart attack, fall, fainting, car accident, or I just forgot who the hell I am and where I am from) forgot my water bottle and headed off into the sunset.
All was fine until I hit the area near Kyte Creek.  Shall we say it was a bit buggy.
Now I have a deviated septum which makes it hard to breath through my left nostril.  Yes I could have had it fixed.  ("Give me just a few minutes and you'll feel a little pain for a couple of days but I can fix that," Dr. Frankenstein said, unaware of my fear of needles, pain, surgery and anything else related to a doctor.)
Bearing that in mind, sometimes I have my mouth open to get air.  Otherwise I might hyperventilate and have to use the outdated ID card in my lanyard.
Not good to do that when there are a lot of bugs.  They got in my eyes,  My nose. (except for my left nostril, of course) and my mouth.
But the worst was when this gigantic Mothzilla creature flew out of the roadside and smacked me in the face!  This thing was huge!  It had a hard shell, because I could feel it on my tongue.
It hit me right on the mouth and on my left facial cheek, then bounced off my helmet with a loud thud.
Like a Weblos, I wobbled but did not fall down.
Did I mention it had a hard shell??  And it went into my mouth before ricocheting off into the corn?  I think my tongue was bleeding and now it has a small  cut.  I had no water to rinse out my mouth.
And I can still feel/taste it ......all the wine in the world won't kill that sensation.
When I got home I was relaxed.  Nothing like riding for a while to take away your worries and give you a mental vacation.
But next time I will keep my mouth shut.
To the house.
When the siding went up, I kept looking at the bedroom area and wondering what was amiss.  Then it hit me.  I pointed out the omission and it was promptly corrected....a miscommunication.
See if you can see what was changed.
By the way, our last house was dark....going for a Tuscan color scheme here.

bedroom side

bedroom side redux

If you said shingles, you win!!


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