Hustle and a bustle

Wow.  Sometimes I stop at the house and it looks like a used truck lot.
There's an electrician, couple of plumbers, carpenters and maybe an ice cream salesman, I'm not sure.
Siding started going up today.  Jackie and I were a little worried .... neither of us has a color sense.  I think the siding looks good, and it looks like it goes together.  But the proof will be when it is all done.  If people drive buy in hysterical laughter, then we'll know we didn't match colors very well.
The garage floor was poured today.  No, I did not put my initials in the wet concrete, although I was tempted.  I might on the porch, however.
We also have seen lots of wiring going in.  I did not know the wire has different colors for a reason.  The wires are color coded by a 10 gauge wire is orange and used for things like electric oven,  cook tops, driers.   and a 14 gauge wire is white and goes to outlets.  Yellow is 12 gauge, and is used for appliances.  The reason for the coloring is so inspectors can see right away if the wires are sufficient for their intended use.
Pretty cool.
We could do cars the same way.  yellow cars are idiots who don't use signals and talk on the phone when they drive.  Red cars go fast.  Blue cars are polite and obey all the laws.  Black and white cars are special and award prizes to bad people.
Just a thought.
We sited the front sidewalk also today.  That will be formed out and poured fairly soon.
The driveway is the next big decision.  Our bid calls for a pad, but the path from the pad to the street needs something.  I don't want to be out with a snow blower and shooting rocks all over the place.
Of course, that is better than the winter we lived on Mill Pond.  It snowed a lot.  We had a dog, Snooty, a great dog with a huge tumor.  The snow was so deep, old Snooty sometimes pooped on the not so deep snow in the driveway.
I found that out in the spring when I looked up on the roof of the garage and saw all these brown droppings oozing down as they thawed.  Seems that little Toro could throw snow quite high!
But the driveway.  When we entered this project, we did not want a mortgage.  I think we are now up to $450,000 or so.
Guess I better buy a lottery ticket and win.
That could be the only way I get a real driveway.
Here's some pictures of the progress.
trim on the back of the house

still wet garage floor

sideways stories....wires look like spaghetti

Something still made in the USA...few and far between


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