A shocking development

We are meeting with the electrician tomorrow...Thursday.
This is a big deal.  This means we are one step closer to drywall.  One step closer to moving into the house that keeps me awake at night.
But first, electricity.  Now some of you may know I am a bit paranoid.  I have bells on my front door.  There is a chair propped against the basement door.  I check and recheck and often re recheck the doors into the house to make sure they are locked at night.
So Jackie should not ask me where I want motion activated lights.  I want them everywhere.  Above the garage, in the front, on the side, in the back, on the other side, on the other side of the back......light is security.
Needless to say, she does not see the world through my eyes.
It probably just hit you.  Bells on the front door?  Yes, if someone breaks in the bells will allow me to wake up, call 9 1 1, lock the bedroom door and wait for police to arrive.  Yes, I know that does not make any sense.  Yes, I know by that time I could have been sexually ravaged by a lustful 21year old gymnast....wait, wrong dream channel.  Yes I could buy a gun for protection, but did I mention we've been married nearly 43 years?
So the lights are my panacea.  They will make me feel secure at night, except when an animal goes by the house and we light up like the Lincoln Memorial.  Beside the point.
The various crews have been out putting up walls, changing walls because I did not explain myself correctly, running plumbing, measuring for ducts....all sorts of tasks that don't photograph well but still get done and mean progress.
One person said to me, "You've made a lot of nice choices here."  I think we did too, but the end result of all those choices will be what they look like together and how many days I have to sub and articles I'll have to write to afford vacations ever again.
But tomorrow we meet with the electrician to go over the plan to be sure everything is what we think we are wanting.
And I may just ask him what he knows about security systems at the same time.

More gravel.....garage fllor has been leveled


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