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Real walls, real feelings

We have walls...real walls.  Not the 2 x 4 variety, but the wall board in place and ready to be taped variety.  Exciting to see how the rooms shape up, the nooks and corners we didn't see before.
Of course, it all looks so very small to me.....2,100 square feet just isn't what it used to be!
The wiring is basically done with just the hook up of fixtures and the put it all together part in the basement.
We have bought lights, a door bell, and security lights for the outside.  Once the drywall is taped, mudded, sanded, mudded, sanded, sprayed....and the rooms painted, the actual outlets will go in and the fixtures will be installed.
The basement is another story.  I have gone no ceiling, drywall, tile, no ceiling, tile, drywall until I am blue in the face.  I can't decide what the ceiling will be.....I wanted the loft look, but there are a lot of pipes and it just may not look good that way.  Time will tell, I guess.
We have a little space under the stairs in the basement that w…

Let there be lights!

Our inside and outside fixtures arrived today.  Only one was broken, which was not bad!  We found these on line.  The fixtures are made in the USA, all parts are from the states, and they were a reasonable price.
Funny thing, when I called the company I talked to a man named John.  He is the owner and assured me all the pieces, from the wire to the screws to the glass, are made in the states.  Kind of like it when the owner of the company answers the telephone.
We liked the prices too.....much less  than similar products we found on line.  Hopefully they turn out to be quality products.
The exterior walls were foamed and filled this week.  We have 2 x 6 construction, so our exterior walls should be at an R-24 or so, hopefully this will keep us extra warm.
When we first had the idea of building, I wanted a home with some solar, wind or geothermal options that would reduce our energy use, and reduce our negative impact on the environment.  Then I learned how expensive it was.
Most people wi…

Keep your mouth shut!!!

OK, that is a hook in the terms of creative writing.
The first part of this little epistle has nothing to do with the house, or almost nothing.
I went for a bike ride tonight, using the path in town.  After reading the excellent article on Greg Query in the latest InVironments, edited by my buddy and great over all person Renee, I was inspired.
I went about 7:30.  Strapped on my helmet, put my lanyard on, (ok, I carry a lanyard with an identity card in case of:  heart attack, fall, fainting, car accident, or I just forgot who the hell I am and where I am from) forgot my water bottle and headed off into the sunset.
All was fine until I hit the area near Kyte Creek.  Shall we say it was a bit buggy.
Now I have a deviated septum which makes it hard to breath through my left nostril.  Yes I could have had it fixed.  ("Give me just a few minutes and you'll feel a little pain for a couple of days but I can fix that," Dr. Frankenstein said, unaware of my fear of needles, pain, surge…

No cement shoes for us!

The sidewalk and porch were main points of progress this week.
The porch was poured midweek and the sidewalk was poured Friday.
We did not write our initials in either, although I was tempted.  I have a really neat red rock that has  a strange shape....almost a perfect equilateral triangle...and would have loved to have put that in the porch. But I can't find it.  I know it is in Emily's garage, but I am not quite sure where.  (Also can't find my cinnamon/sugar mix I love on toast, but that's a different story.)
So be it.
When we talked about a porch we decided we wanted it larger than six feet.  So we have an eight foot wide porch.  It looks like a honkin' freeway lane.  But I will be able to sit out here when it rains and not get wet, unless the wind is blowing out of the north.y
Speaking of the wind, we are using standard fiberglass insulation in the walls.  This stuff comes in rolls and is crammed in between the studs.  With the 2 X 6 walls, we will have an R-19 wal…

Hustle and a bustle

Wow.  Sometimes I stop at the house and it looks like a used truck lot.
There's an electrician, couple of plumbers, carpenters and maybe an ice cream salesman, I'm not sure.
Siding started going up today.  Jackie and I were a little worried .... neither of us has a color sense.  I think the siding looks good, and it looks like it goes together.  But the proof will be when it is all done.  If people drive buy in hysterical laughter, then we'll know we didn't match colors very well.
The garage floor was poured today.  No, I did not put my initials in the wet concrete, although I was tempted.  I might on the porch, however.
We also have seen lots of wiring going in.  I did not know the wire has different colors for a reason.  The wires are color coded by a 10 gauge wire is orange and used for things like electric oven,  cook tops, driers.   and a 14 gauge wire is white and goes to outlets.  Yellow is 12 gauge, and is used for appliances.  The reason for the colori…

A shocking development

We are meeting with the electrician tomorrow...Thursday.
This is a big deal.  This means we are one step closer to drywall.  One step closer to moving into the house that keeps me awake at night.
But first, electricity.  Now some of you may know I am a bit paranoid.  I have bells on my front door.  There is a chair propped against the basement door.  I check and recheck and often re recheck the doors into the house to make sure they are locked at night.
So Jackie should not ask me where I want motion activated lights.  I want them everywhere.  Above the garage, in the front, on the side, in the back, on the other side, on the other side of the back......light is security.
Needless to say, she does not see the world through my eyes.
It probably just hit you.  Bells on the front door?  Yes, if someone breaks in the bells will allow me to wake up, call 9 1 1, lock the bedroom door and wait for police to arrive.  Yes, I know that does not make any sense.  Yes, I know by that time I could have…