Windows....more than a pane!

Yes, windows are more than a pane (of glass...getting metaphorical here).  They can be a symbol of  progress.  They can give a house shell the look of a home.
Our windows went in today and the house is shaping up nicely.  I do admit I have a lot of angst over the building process.  Did we (or more specifically,  me) make the right decision?  Are we spending too much money? (yes) Will we be happy with our home?  Are those the right cabinets, and windows, and trim , and colors, and siding and.....the list goes on.
Those of you who really know me know my problem with menu envy.  If I order a steak, I get it and wish I had the fish.  If I order the fish, I get it and wish I ordered the steak.  If I order the chicken I wish I had ordered the lamb because I never get to eat lamb.
I have spent 10 minutes examining salad dressing to find the one that I eventually regret buying because I really wanted a different one.
I have had at least five heart attacks, three strokes, two highly contagious disease and I think a case of dengue fever in the past four weeks.  I am now convinced my sore right foot will end up in a total amputation of everything below my naval.  Or navel.  Now I don't know which word goes there.... and I really can't decide tonight.
Yet I can buy a $200 weed trimmer on a whim and not read the directions on how to use it.
Or complain about not getting paid for writing something when I have never requested payment.
And lately everyone has gained in intelligence, even the flat-landers of the world seem brilliant to me.
Which brings me back to the windows.
They are a symbol of hope.  A symbol that things are progressing as planned and some of those choices (not all, just some) I/we made were the right ones.
That maybe I do not have one foot in the grave.
That maybe we can afford the house.
That maybe the steak is pretty darn good afterall.  Besides, after we pay off all the bills I won't have to worry about ordering steak anyway!
On the porch

east side...hexagon window is the WC

In the kitchen looking out back

front of the house


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