What a busy day!!

First off, I like to welcome a new  reader from.....the Netherlands!  Always nice to know we have an international audience.  People from the following countries have read this blog....but heaven knows why!  United States, Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands.  But I am baffled...the numbers change each day, sometimes going down, sometimes up.  I have no idea who is following the progress of our house....or why.  That is, except our friends in Switzerland and you know who you are!
Anyway, the house was a center of activity today.  First, we met with the HVAC installer.  Placing vents is not easy.  I wondered why vents are placed in front of windows....today I learned why.  People usually don't put furniture in front of windows, so that becomes a natural spot to place a vent and not have it blocked by a sofa or chair.  Huh.
Brother in law Bob came and looked over the project....and his grandson became the first guest to use our bathroom.  Actually, it is the port a potty in front, but we'll count it.
Renee the architect and his family also came for a walk through to see what we've done.  That answers the question:  Oh god, what have I done????  He seemed somewhat satisfied.  At least he put up a sign with his name on it in front of the house, so how bad can it be?
I think we made some choices today.
First off, we inadvertently partitioned off part of the basement into two rooms.  Inadvertently because that was what we had decided.  But last Friday as I stood in the basement I thought:  How cool a room would this be!  Monday I called the builder and said to hold off on framing the basement in the way we had discussed.  He called back within 20 minutes and said they were already done....been working on it since 6 a.m.
When I went out and looked, it was ok.  I think I will like that space in the basement, which will also double as a guest room, in case anyone with two little girls is looking for a place to stay.  (I know it sounds perverted, but it isn't)
So, HVAC is going in, plumbing is started......what more can I say?
I do know I am decisioned out.  I don't know if I can decide between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or even to have ice cream at all.  That is not me.  I always go for ice cream.
But we do have to decide what to do with the ceiling in the finished part.  We could put drywall up, a dropped ceiling, or leave it a loft look and paint it.  I am leaning toward that last option.

PVC piping in bathroom

Kitchen looking out
Basement at 5 p.m. Friday

Basement at 11 a.m. Monday

Time for a shower


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