Well, Oh Well...a mighty deep subject

The well guys were out drilling for water on Saturday.  With as little rain as we have had, I hope they find some!
Here is a little quiz.
Several of our friends and family members read this blog.  So, here is my question.  After the United States, what country has the most people viewing this blog?
First....a note about follow through.  We picked out some nice flooring from Hardwood Floors and More in Dixon.  We had a price estimate, met with Wyatt the owner, talked about all sorts of things.
He was leaving on a vacation.  When he returned, we left on a vacation.  In other words, almost 6 weeks went past before we contacted him again.
We went to choose some accent pieces for the floor.  He brought out some samples that went with the floor and found.....wrong flooring!
So we all sat there wondering how the color was not what we wanted.  That's when we realized what happened.
His proposal included finishing the floor....but we were supposed to let him know the color when we came back from our trip.
When we came back from our trip, we looked at his proposal and saw that it including finishing the floor and assumed he knew the color.  Take u and me out of assume, guess who is left?
All is well that ends well.  He has not ordered the flooring yet, so we selected our preferred color and will see a sample on the wood we have chosen in a week or so.
Michael the cabinet guru was told:  be ready to go in six weeks.  Six weeks!!  Holy crap!  That's sooner than we expected.
And now, a drum roll please.
The country with the most views of this blog after the United States is.......
Freakin' Switzerland is third, but Russia !!!! is second.
So....while I know people in Switzerland, and France, and Germany..... I don't know anyone is Russia.
If you are in Russia and reading this, great.  Could you please tell me why?
Who knows....this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Well drillers at work

Or should it be good dwellers at work?

I hope they don't use all the pipe

House from the back (south) side


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