Under roof!!

The temperature in Chicago hit 103.....for those of you living in the metric world, that is a little over 39 C.  That was the third day of 100 degree temperatures in a row.  We are not far from Chicago and we are just as hot.  We were only at 99.
I stress that, because we have a roof on the house.
Trusses arrived Tuesday.  By Friday afternoon, the trusses were set in place and sheathing was done on the majority of the roof.  Is it completely done?  No, but the crew working on the house did an amazing amount of work in those two days.
I can't imagine how hot it was on top of the house.  I can't imagine what it felt like to do that two days in a row, with no clouds in sight.  I can't imagine how they did it.
No amount of water  and ice that I took out would have been enough.
And we had our first official visitor....Mary Kay came out and looked around with us on Friday.  Even got Jackie into the garage, but she could not get all the way into the house.

Thursday mid morning



Thursday afternoon

Friday mid morning

watch your step!!

Friday afternoon


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