The roof is taking shape

The Fourth of July was hot.  Triple digits in many areas, with the same expected for Thursday and Friday.
The roof trusses arrived Tuesday morning.  They are scheduled to be put in place starting Thursday.
I never was one to work well in the heat.  Mind you, I spent a summer delivering mail, one summer working construction for Tilton Industries, and most of my youth living in a non air conditioned house. I love the heat if I can sit in it and drink tea, coffee or lemonade.  I don't like to work in the  heat.  So my sympathies are with the people working construction on my house and on any other outside project over the next few days.  I just hope they take it easy.
That said, here are some pictures from today.
Reach for the sky

Waiting for the crane

The porch

From our bedroom

The garage

Bracing is in for the grab bars

If only the meter would stay at this rate

From the back

From the west side


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