Oops...Pardon me!!

Nation...we have gas.
No, I am not talking about a personal problem that comes from eating too much cheese and gingersnaps, although that could apply.
 I'm talking about natural gas.  Cooking gas.  Crank up the fireplace gas.  Turn up the heat gas.  Dry my clothes unless it's a blue linen shirt that specifically has to be hung to dry or it gets lots of wrinkles and shrinks gas.  Warm the water I'm gonna shower the worries off my dusty old body gas.
I think you understand.
We also have water....the elixir of life.
Now  when I say we have it, that does not mean we can use it.  But the gas is run to the house.  The water is run to the house.  The electricity is run to the house.
Geez....feel like a Dick and Jane book.  (For those under the age of 45, Dick and Jane were the reading books that provided countless hours of stimulating reading in school.  See Dick run.  See Jane run.  See Spot run.  Run Dick run.  Run Spot run.  Run Jane run.  Substitute walk, work, sing, or any other verb that seems appropriate and does not rhyme with duck. That was in the era when Dick was a respectable name and not the punchline for an off color joke.  You wonder anyone ever picked up a book again.  But I digress.)
Progress is a little slower this week. Windows should arrive soon, along with doors.  Once that happens, then the plumbers and electricians will get to work plumbing and electrifying.
Today we picked out the tile for the fireplace surround.  My $180 estimate became a $345 order.  We need 12 tiles of the kind that come in boxes of 10 and six tiles of the size that come in boxes of five, and of course you have to order a box, not an individual tile.
We also picked out the manufactured stone for the porch piers.
We are looking at paint colors for the interior but Jackie does not agree we should paint all of it neon pink or lime green.  Earthy, warm colors indeed.
Yet I wonder.
After living in a rental unit where the yard work is done, do I have the ability or desire to mow and trim?  Since it is only going to be 92 tomorrow (today?) I think I will find out at Emily's.  We left June 4, returned June 22 and she has mowed.........one time.  The grass really doesn't need it yet, but I am mowing anyway because I feel like my life is a vacation, living in a resort, no responsibilities. Truthfully, it's getting boring.

Our utility work!!  Nicor on the job!!
Our well head


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