Not a fan fan

Whew!!!  It is hot.  Sure could use a new fan or two.  Let's see....Google Made in USA fans....
What?  None??  Just one company that makes fans in South America with USA parts?  Sounds like a conspiracy to us.
We bought fans.  Four of them, for the new house.  We had wanted one in the family room, but we are not sure how that would look, so we are passing on the fan.  Maybe we will regret it.... but anything can be changed in life.
Two sets of storms over the weekend....high winds, rain, hail...... house is still up and looking better each day.
Brother-in-law Bob came out and gave his approval .... he knows construction and I don't.
My understanding is roof trusses come this week and a crane will be here Thursday to start lifting them for placement.  I think it will look more like a house at that point.
After this weekend and the Jimmy Buffett concert, I am contemplating some changes to the patio.  Maybe a tiki bar, cooler, mixer for margaritas.... little beach, some water, stereo system.
Pinch me, I'm dreaming.
Speaking of pinching, at the Buffett concert I was making my way through the crowd to the bathroom when some one grabbed my butt!!!
I turned around and this young guy says, "Sorry sir,  it wasn't me."
The other young guy says, "Don't look at me....look at this young lady."
And there was this young beauty hiding behind sunglasses and a margarita.
I said to her, "Bless you sweetheart.  You have restored an old man's faith in the future."
I turned to the guys and said, "And even if it was one of you, that's ok cause at my age I consider a good butt grab a compliment."  High fives all around.
Went back later, but couldn't find them.
Sheathing going on

Outstanding Side Board????

We figure this will save us a ton of money over conventional bathrooms

Looks like a garage

Back corner will it get graded to allow water to flow away?


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