Another step closer

Learned more about septic tanks than I really wanted to know today.
All I really need to know is where the shit does not go when we I found out where it did go.  
Our old septic field was gravel, with a tile, then gravel.  The field at our new house has no gravel and the tile is thick, black, and vented.  This is supposed to be a more efficient way to install septic fields.
We also have a contour dam, (at least I think that is what it was called) that prevents groundwater from entering the septic field.  The contour dam tile collects the ground water and then funnels it around the septic to a line which hooks to another line which hooks to another line that goes into the ground at the end of the property.
For those of you who don't know.... a septic field replaces sanitary sewer.  Instead of it going to a facility where the waste is treated, cleaned, reinserted into the water supply (Interjection:  We are drinking the same water dinosaurs peed out millions of years ago.  Or just 20 years ago if you don't believe the science.) a septic field has a tank, which slowly fills up over the years.  The liquid portion of this drains off  through the tubing and percolates down through the soil.  The solid waste decomposes and some also percs out into the soil.... but some does not, so every few years you have to have your tank pumped.

You can see septic fields when it gets dry..... the only green grass is over the septic tank.  I think someone named Erma Bombeck wrote a book titled The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Field.  It was funny.
Not that any job is less desirable than any other job, but can you imagine sticking a hose into a concrete tank of excrement (a more polite term) and pumping it out into a truck when the temperature is 100 and the sun is boiling down on you and suddenly the hose breaks and you see brown material spraying all over the place and the neighbors are yelling, people screaming, dogs howling in protest!
But I digress.
The roof shingling starts tomorrow.  My guess is siding and windows won't be too far behind.

The weather is a little cooler this week, so working on the roof should be a little better, but it is still in the 80s and still sunny.
Now for some pictures.

finishing up the chimney

the septic field

back of the house

roofing stuff

deer. not in the headlights; in the park


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