A quiet day on Shagbark Lane

The roof is shingled, so now it can rain.
I am amazed at how fast this portion of the project has gone.  When we came back from Julia's on June 22, there were only concrete foundation walls.  Three weeks later, there is a house with a shingled roof.
Windows are next and should be here in the next week or so.  The plumber and electrician will start soon after, and then the drywaller will come along and make it all nice looking.  Then we will move in for the next chapter in our lives.
Sounds so simple.
Jackie made her first visit inside the house today!  It took two of us, but Michael from ALM Cabinetry and I got her up the two big steps, and then back down.  He was laying out the kitchen and when I could not figure out one small detail, we called in Jackie for help.  I just don't see the finished product sometimes......it eludes me.  I try to make everything difficult when there are simple solutions that I might not be hearing.
We made some adjustments in the layout and cabinetry and it will be a great kitchen.
It was quiet there today.  The roofing is done and the crew has moved on until the windows arrive.  I could hear some traffic from Flagg Road, but not a lot.  A couple of trees along that side should dull that noise.
I take pictures every day..... except today.  For some reason I thought I took pictures with the completed roof, but I didn't.  Must be losing it.
Next decisions ... lighting fixtures.  That should be interesting.
And now for something different.....

Work on Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday evening

Wednesday morning

Surveying the manor

Mike in the kitchen, standing on the dishwasher

Thursday morning, everyone's gone


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