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What a busy day!!

First off, I like to welcome a new  reader from.....the Netherlands!  Always nice to know we have an international audience.  People from the following countries have read this blog....but heaven knows why!  United States, Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands.  But I am baffled...the numbers change each day, sometimes going down, sometimes up.  I have no idea who is following the progress of our house....or why.  That is, except our friends in Switzerland and you know who you are!
Anyway, the house was a center of activity today.  First, we met with the HVAC installer.  Placing vents is not easy.  I wondered why vents are placed in front of I learned why.  People usually don't put furniture in front of windows, so that becomes a natural spot to place a vent and not have it blocked by a sofa or chair.  Huh.
Brother in law Bob came and looked over the project....and his grandson became the first guest to use our bathroom.  Actually, it is the port…

Windows....more than a pane!

Yes, windows are more than a pane (of glass...getting metaphorical here).  They can be a symbol of  progress.  They can give a house shell the look of a home.
Our windows went in today and the house is shaping up nicely.  I do admit I have a lot of angst over the building process.  Did we (or more specifically,  me) make the right decision?  Are we spending too much money? (yes) Will we be happy with our home?  Are those the right cabinets, and windows, and trim , and colors, and siding and.....the list goes on.
Those of you who really know me know my problem with menu envy.  If I order a steak, I get it and wish I had the fish.  If I order the fish, I get it and wish I ordered the steak.  If I order the chicken I wish I had ordered the lamb because I never get to eat lamb.
I have spent 10 minutes examining salad dressing to find the one that I eventually regret buying because I really wanted a different one.
I have had at least five heart attacks, three strokes, two highly contagious di…

Oops...Pardon me!!

Nation...we have gas.
No, I am not talking about a personal problem that comes from eating too much cheese and gingersnaps, although that could apply.
 I'm talking about natural gas.  Cooking gas.  Crank up the fireplace gas.  Turn up the heat gas.  Dry my clothes unless it's a blue linen shirt that specifically has to be hung to dry or it gets lots of wrinkles and shrinks gas.  Warm the water I'm gonna shower the worries off my dusty old body gas.
I think you understand.
We also have water....the elixir of life.
Now  when I say we have it, that does not mean we can use it.  But the gas is run to the house.  The water is run to the house.  The electricity is run to the house.
Geez....feel like a Dick and Jane book.  (For those under the age of 45, Dick and Jane were the reading books that provided countless hours of stimulating reading in school.  See Dick run.  See Jane run.  See Spot run.  Run Dick run.  Run Spot run.  Run Jane run.  Substitute walk, work, sing, or any other …

Well, Oh Well...a mighty deep subject

The well guys were out drilling for water on Saturday.  With as little rain as we have had, I hope they find some!
Here is a little quiz.
Several of our friends and family members read this blog.  So, here is my question.  After the United States, what country has the most people viewing this blog?
First....a note about follow through.  We picked out some nice flooring from Hardwood Floors and More in Dixon.  We had a price estimate, met with Wyatt the owner, talked about all sorts of things.
He was leaving on a vacation.  When he returned, we left on a vacation.  In other words, almost 6 weeks went past before we contacted him again.
We went to choose some accent pieces for the floor.  He brought out some samples that went with the floor and found.....wrong flooring!
So we all sat there wondering how the color was not what we wanted.  That's when we realized what happened.
His proposal included finishing the floor....but we were supposed to let him know the color when we came back from …

A quiet day on Shagbark Lane

The roof is shingled, so now it can rain.
I am amazed at how fast this portion of the project has gone.  When we came back from Julia's on June 22, there were only concrete foundation walls.  Three weeks later, there is a house with a shingled roof.
Windows are next and should be here in the next week or so.  The plumber and electrician will start soon after, and then the drywaller will come along and make it all nice looking.  Then we will move in for the next chapter in our lives.
Sounds so simple.
Jackie made her first visit inside the house today!  It took two of us, but Michael from ALM Cabinetry and I got her up the two big steps, and then back down.  He was laying out the kitchen and when I could not figure out one small detail, we called in Jackie for help.  I just don't see the finished product eludes me.  I try to make everything difficult when there are simple solutions that I might not be hearing.
We made some adjustments in the layout and cabinetry a…

Another step closer

Learned more about septic tanks than I really wanted to know today.
All I really need to know is where the shit does not go when we I found out where it did go.   Our old septic field was gravel, with a tile, then gravel.  The field at our new house has no gravel and the tile is thick, black, and vented.  This is supposed to be a more efficient way to install septic fields. We also have a contour dam, (at least I think that is what it was called) that prevents groundwater from entering the septic field.  The contour dam tile collects the ground water and then funnels it around the septic to a line which hooks to another line which hooks to another line that goes into the ground at the end of the property. For those of you who don't know.... a septic field replaces sanitary sewer.  Instead of it going to a facility where the waste is treated, cleaned, reinserted into the water supply (Interjection:  We are drinking the same water dinosaurs peed out millions of years ago…

Under roof!!

The temperature in Chicago hit 103.....for those of you living in the metric world, that is a little over 39 C.  That was the third day of 100 degree temperatures in a row.  We are not far from Chicago and we are just as hot.  We were only at 99.
I stress that, because we have a roof on the house.
Trusses arrived Tuesday.  By Friday afternoon, the trusses were set in place and sheathing was done on the majority of the roof.  Is it completely done?  No, but the crew working on the house did an amazing amount of work in those two days.
I can't imagine how hot it was on top of the house.  I can't imagine what it felt like to do that two days in a row, with no clouds in sight.  I can't imagine how they did it.
No amount of water  and ice that I took out would have been enough.
And we had our first official visitor....Mary Kay came out and looked around with us on Friday.  Even got Jackie into the garage, but she could not get all the way into the house.

The roof is taking shape

The Fourth of July was hot.  Triple digits in many areas, with the same expected for Thursday and Friday.
The roof trusses arrived Tuesday morning.  They are scheduled to be put in place starting Thursday.
I never was one to work well in the heat.  Mind you, I spent a summer delivering mail, one summer working construction for Tilton Industries, and most of my youth living in a non air conditioned house. I love the heat if I can sit in it and drink tea, coffee or lemonade.  I don't like to work in the  heat.  So my sympathies are with the people working construction on my house and on any other outside project over the next few days.  I just hope they take it easy.
That said, here are some pictures from today.

Not a fan fan

Whew!!!  It is hot.  Sure could use a new fan or two.  Let's see....Google Made in USA fans....
What?  None??  Just one company that makes fans in South America with USA parts?  Sounds like a conspiracy to us.
We bought fans.  Four of them, for the new house.  We had wanted one in the family room, but we are not sure how that would look, so we are passing on the fan.  Maybe we will regret it.... but anything can be changed in life.
Two sets of storms over the weekend....high winds, rain, hail...... house is still up and looking better each day.
Brother-in-law Bob came out and gave his approval .... he knows construction and I don't.
My understanding is roof trusses come this week and a crane will be here Thursday to start lifting them for placement.  I think it will look more like a house at that point.
After this weekend and the Jimmy Buffett concert, I am contemplating some changes to the patio.  Maybe a tiki bar, cooler, mixer for margaritas.... little beach, some water, stereo s…