Houston, we have walls....

The crew was really working today.....walls are up and they have started on the interior of the house.  Hard to believe that someday we will be living in this.
Of course, no trees, grass, bushes or flowers......but that will come.
Today we had to decide on window blind colors....we are getting Pella windows and some of them will have the blinds built in, which reminds me.
A woman just stepped out of the shower when her doorbell rang.  Wearing nothing but a smile, she yelled through the door, "Who is it?"
"Blind man,"  came the answer.
"Well," she thought to herself, "he can't see, so I don't have to worry about putting anything on."  And so she opened the door.
"Yes, what do you want?" she asked.
"Wow!!"  said the guy.  "Just wondering where you want your blinds?"

Tuesday had the first walls going up

Looking toward the back bedroom

Wednesday the crew was working on exterior walls and starting interior walls
Basement access. looking east 

Back of the house, where my porch would have been

Taking shape and notice...not a cloud in the sky

Thursday it is supposed to hit 100, which is about 37 C.  The crew will start early and knock off before noon to avoid working in the heat of the day.  


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