Baby, the rain must fall

So I went to a Cub game today. (They won, 4-0....good game.)
We have not had rain for most of June and the forecast for today (Friday) was chance of showers in the afternoon.  It rained at 9 a.m. in Rochelle and at about 11:30 in Chicago.
What does this have to do with the house?
I didn't get home until it was dark and could not take pictures on Friday.
Actually, it was dark....bright...dark....bright.
As I was listening to the radio on the way home after dropping off Dan, they National Weather Service issued a tornado warning.  Now folks, a warning means a tornado is possible.
The sky was funny colors.
Emily was at work.
So Jackie and I went into dog saving mode.
Drove like a mad man (ok, the guy ahead was doing 45 and I could not pass) and tried to get the dogs in the basement.  Dizzy immediately went to the back door and crouched.  I recognized that as the universal sign of a dog ready to shit.  So I opened Em's back door and sent Dizzy and goofy Cooper out into the lightning, thunder, and spitting rain.  Then I went and got my cell phone from my car which was safely in Emily's garage because hail was expected, and I heard Cooper barking quite loudly.
Jackie was calling them......"Cooper....Dizzzy....Cooper....Dizzy....Terry the gate is open!!!"
Sure enough, lightning flashing, the sky a wierdish bluish green, thunder, rain.....and two dogs running free in the front yard.
Luckily Dizzy stopped in the middle of the road and I just walked up to him and took his leash.  Cooper soon followed.
The lightning was intense and the sky ever darkening and changing colors.  That's when we found out is was nigh impossible to get four dogs into the basement.  So we hunkered down in the laundry windows at least.
Happily, luckily, the storm soon passed, the tornado warning expired, and all is well.  At least I assume so.  We did have some wind, and I did not check the house.
But here's how it looked Thursday afternoon.

Garage on the west side

The patio will be out this door

Front bedroom

Front of the house

If there was a lake in back, you could see the lake from the front door

The grassland behind the house


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