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Baby, the rain must fall

So I went to a Cub game today. (They won, 4-0....good game.)
We have not had rain for most of June and the forecast for today (Friday) was chance of showers in the afternoon.  It rained at 9 a.m. in Rochelle and at about 11:30 in Chicago.
What does this have to do with the house?
I didn't get home until it was dark and could not take pictures on Friday.
Actually, it was dark....bright...dark....bright.
As I was listening to the radio on the way home after dropping off Dan, they National Weather Service issued a tornado warning.  Now folks, a warning means a tornado is possible.
The sky was funny colors.
Emily was at work.
So Jackie and I went into dog saving mode.
Drove like a mad man (ok, the guy ahead was doing 45 and I could not pass) and tried to get the dogs in the basement.  Dizzy immediately went to the back door and crouched.  I recognized that as the universal sign of a dog ready to shit.  So I opened Em's back door and sent Dizzy and goofy Cooper out into the lightning, thu…

Houston, we have walls....

The crew was really working today.....walls are up and they have started on the interior of the house.  Hard to believe that someday we will be living in this.
Of course, no trees, grass, bushes or flowers......but that will come.
Today we had to decide on window blind colors....we are getting Pella windows and some of them will have the blinds built in, which reminds me.
A woman just stepped out of the shower when her doorbell rang.  Wearing nothing but a smile, she yelled through the door, "Who is it?"
"Blind man,"  came the answer.
"Well," she thought to herself, "he can't see, so I don't have to worry about putting anything on."  And so she opened the door.
"Yes, what do you want?" she asked.
"Wow!!"  said the guy.  "Just wondering where you want your blinds?"

Now that's progress!!!

When we left June 4, we had a big hole in the ground.   It wasn't quite finished, but the work was  on going.  Three weeks later, we have a poured basement and decking.  Walls and a roof can't be far off.
We are starting to get excited.
And I am continuing to worry.
Money.......the sole bane of my existence.  Well, not sole.  But a bane none the less.
We found a supplier for made in USA lighting fixtures.  The website says made in USA.  All the fixtures start with the statement these are made in USA.  So I guess when I e-mailed them and asked what the country of origin was for their products, I might have looked a little stupid.  (or a lot!)  Anyway, we think we are going to order fixtures from them in the next week or so.  We seem to have hit a time when they are also having a sale, and this means considerable savings for us.
I was looking at the foundation and thought...geez, this looks small.  One month ago I thought the footprint was gigantic, now it looks small.  I remember t…