The Big Dig

OK, sorry Boston.......but the Big Dig there took too long and cost too much money.
Our Big Dig may start tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30....a day that will be etched in my mind.  Will it be similar to man's stepping on the moon or the Titanic sinking?
A car is sometimes like a house.  In the olden days, when you bought a car you got four wheels, the vehicle and seats.  Radio was extra.  So was A/C.  And cruise.  And a bunch of other stuff that is now pretty standard on a car.
Houses work the same way.  Once you enter the whirlpool of construction you find the hidden costs.  Over the allowance.  Not included.  Not planned for.
So you add a nickel here and a dime there and a quarter here and pretty soon the budget starts to look like the national debt!
And when a "standard" item is provided, it is not always what you want in your house.
So decisions get made.
Granite counters or food for the next six months?
In floor heating in a bathroom or gas for the lawnmower?
And so it goes.
I do know we are getting anxious.  I am, of course, nervous.  What if we have made the wrong choice on exterior colors?  Floor stain?  Cabinets?  Trim?
I will blame wifey.
We have picked out the flooring, trim, cabinets, colors for the outside.... but we are not done.
Lighting.  Now I asked for lighting made in the USA.  We found some.  Nice stuff.  If we get it, I won't be able to eat or buy wine for at least 2 years.  OK, the food doesn't upset me, but I would be lost without the wine.
At some point we will be facing painting the interior.  Do we hire it and get it done, or do I do it on my own and spend the next half decade getting it done?  (Confession:  I am still painting the trim at Emily's house.  That was my housewarming gift to her.  She's been in the house......four years?  Maybe 5?  Excuses, I've had a few.  Too hot.  Too cold.   Too many dogs.   Not enough time.  Not enough paint.  Get the picture??)
So if we opt to save money by doing the painting ourselves, how long will it take me?  What will it look like?  Sure there is an allowance, and any allowance we don't spend we can put elsewhere...but is it wise to put a paintbrush and roller in my hand and expect it to be done quickly?  Or even to paint in the first place, since I have a tendency to spill, spatter, drip, fold, crunch and mutilate.
But I am getting ahead of the progress.  There will be time for that internal debate in August.
Until then, I'm still buying wine.
And drinking it.


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