So much for Made in America!!

Progress is measured in time.  And dollars.
We have a culvert, the septic permit came through, the building permit is next and then.....voila, a huge hole in the ground.  And in the pocket.
We picked out appliances this week.  And carpeting.  And tiles.  And siding colors.  And a bunch of other stuff.  
Maybe it's age.....maybe it's me.  I get real involved in conversation and after about 5 minutes I am gone!  My mind is all over the place.  I'm not listening, not interested, and looking for an escape.  Maybe I have been that way all my life...but I notice it now.  I can't talk for more than two minutes on the phone before I have a ultra strong desire to hang up.  Talking with Mike at ALM Cabinets about cabinets, counter tops, eyes just glazed over and I started to nod and murmur "uh huh."  For the love of money, I have no idea what he was saying!
Emily calls and after about two minutes, I am done.  Gone.  In a different place.
That said, we bought appliances and I don't know what the hell we bought!  I know it was a lot of money.  I think we bought a cook top, oven, refrigerator and a bunch of other stuff.  Maybe even a vacuum and a big screen tv.....a plug in electric car.......I just nodded and said, "uh huh.  ok."
And I tried to buy appliances made in America.  We also tried to buy appliances rated highly in Consumer Reports.  The two don't match.  We will have a truly international kitchen:  China, Korea, Germany, Mexico and Canada will all be well as the USA.  We may even have something from Mars....I kind of lost track.
So do me a favor.  If you are actually talking to me on the phone or in person, kind of keep me on my toes by asking me random questions that require thought.  Like why do pigs have any hair at all? Was God joking with us?  Or, why are the Kardashians popular anyway?  Maybe even, Why can't millionaires and billionaires pay more taxes?  Not like they are hurting for money.
Sorry...I can see your eyes are starting to glaze.
Say goodnight, Gracie.


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