It's the mind that goes first

Maybe building a house isn't such a good idea.  I mean, we need a house.  We want one that will be accessible in the future.
But maybe what I need is a house that doesn't take much thought.
Realized that after talking to Todd at the park district today.  Todd.  Now I've been in three plays with the guy, been to Abraham's with him after rehearsal, talked to him endless hours.  Todd.  Even as I said it, I knew something wasn't right.  But Curt was very understanding and did not correct me.
So here is what I'm thinking:  a house with a brain.  Because mine is obviously oozing out like the custard in an  Ollie's  cone on a 90 degree day.
This house would have a central computer that ran everything.  Why? you may ask.
So I don't leave the laundry in the drier after the buzzer sounds and let my clothes get all wrinkly.
So I don't leave lights on in the garage or basement after checking for burglars.
So I don't have to lay awake wondering if that sound was a sump pump going or a drug crazed, heavily armed psycho escaped murderer breaking into the basement.
So I actually close the freezer door.
So when I go for wine I remember to turn the oven off.
So I remember to actually raise the garage door before backing out.
So I no longer buy 3 way compact fluorescent bulbs that are 5 year bulbs but only last 6 months in my lamps.
So I can find my car key, wallet, cell phone and glasses.
So I can watch the TV show I wanted to watch but instead recorded a different show on a different channel at a different time.
So when I move again I don' have to call Emily four times to ask questions about hooking up the DVD player and finding the remote.
A house with a brain might be a good investment for me!
The process rolls on.....deed recorded, impact fees and building permit in the process, construction to start in the next two/three weeks.
Hopefully I'll remember where the house is an how to get there.
But then again, maybe I'll just get a GPS programmed in my head to guide me.  After all, there seems to be space not being used up there.


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