I said culvert, not Culvers!

I can get pretty excited over a pile of gravel and some steel.
We have a culvert.
Now for you city folk, a culvert is like a big straw that goes under your driveway in the ditch area.  Without it, you can't get into your yard.  Without it, water can't flow freely down hill, like my rationality does after two glasses of wine.  Flow downhill freely, that is.
We have been to a flooring guy, cabinet guy, and today we went to the fireplace people and the tile and carpet folks.  And appliance shop.  I tell you, there are a lot of decisions.
There is also a lot of expense.
I can hear the dollar signs multiplying as we pick out material and await an estimate to see where it falls in the area of allowances for the house.  I know costs will be over, it's now a question of:  How MUCH?
One of the problems with watching a show like House Hunters is you see something and think:  I want that.  Then you find out the cost.
I sort of zone out during these discussions....like a student losing focus during social studies, I find myself asking questions already answered or already asked.  And the obvious:  Does this brown tile come in brown?  Do you have any purple shag carpeting?  If I decide to take all the money from the bank and run would Jackie be mad?
Sometimes I ask questions and can tell the people are thinking:  This guy is nuts!!  or Yes, you can Mr. Dickow (but why the hell would you want to?).
Thus (love that word) we stumble, ever forward.  Like a giant rock rolling downhill.  Each yard (and when did they start selling carpet by the square foot and not the square yard?  It sounds cheaper, true.  But Holy Waa!) causes us to go faster downward, heading to what?  Financial ruin?  Economic collapse?  Chaos in the streets?  But enough about the economy.
Next step:  Laying out the house and then digging.  If you are all willing and have shovels, I could save a heck of a lot of money.  Heck, I would even buy the shovels.  Let me know.


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